NMI Gallery features abstract expressions of Nadine Ibay

A lot of young people today are quite expressive with their thoughts and feelings. You can literally see what goes through their mind in their social media posts. This is why it is so refreshing to find a young lady who is able to express herself in canvass. Nadine Ibay, a 21 year old painter, has channelled her inner ramblings and feelings into canvass.

Instead of superficial verbal or graphic posts, Nadine lets you explore deep abstract expressions in canvass. What is more impressive is that she is now showcasing her creations in her very own art gallery.

Nadine Ibay officially opened the NMI Gallery last December 13, 2018. This gallery in Antipolo is now the little home of some of her best works.

Aside from showcasing her creations, the gallery also reflects the young and vibrant soul of this woman. Nadine’s family recognized her talent at an early age and has then been supporting her growth. Her chosen medium include mineral pigments, acrylic and spray paints, gold leaf and textured canvass. Each art piece she creates is not just an abstract of reality but also an extension of the artist herself. Thus, getting to know the artist can give you a better appreciation of her creations.

This 21 year old painter grew up in Marikina but she currently lives at her studio in Antipolo with her Boston Terrier, Phoebe. Her frequent travels to other countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand allows her to expand her horizons and have different perspectives in life. After discovering her talent, she has fully dedicated her time to developing her abilities as a lifetime servant of the arts. It is also her intention to further share her art to people from all walks of life.

An adherent to the principles of Eclecticism, Nadine admires the principles of Gustav Klimt and Banksy, two contrasting artists from different eras known for their private life and highly personal styles of art. In the antithesis of elements found in her painting amidst the vivid array of colors on her canvas, Nadine strives to develop her own style of art born from her own principles as inspired by the great masters before her.

She has an unrelenting thirst for inspiration and finds creative influence in a lot of things. Be it the splendor of nature, and the complexity found in the lyrics and melody of a song. Apart from paintings, Nadine also collects crystals and antique pieces which gives a lot of people an impression that hers is an old soul that seeking for satisfaction in the current reality. She is able to transform the numinous realms of meditation and dreams into the reality of her paintings.

Nadine Ibay’s unique paintings have been noticed by bloggers and have been featured in an article published by the Philippine Star. Her first solo exhibit at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City was a success and had drawn crowds when it opened last 2017.

The exhibit would not have been possible without the generous help of the following sponsors:

E.M Cuerpo, Davies, Columbus, Digee, R.R Encabo, GEO, DVF, Hillmarc, Bostik and 5599 Marketing. Nadine feels so grateful for all the support these sponsors have given her.

I had a pleasant experience visiting NMI Gallery and appreciating the abstract creations of Nadine Ibay. Looking at each creation and venturing insights on what it is trying to communicate is a great way to stimulate one’s imagination and improve critical thinking. I guess I’m quite lucky to live just a few blocks away from NMI as it will give me lots of opportunity to expand my own horizon and appreciate abstract creations.

To experience her work, you may visit
NMI Gallery, 9 Dao St., Town & Country Executive Village, Marcos Highway, Antipolo City

Or follow her at https://www.facebook.com/nmiartgallery/ or www.nmiart.com

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