Where to Find Inspiration for Your Dream Home Design

Choosing a design is probably one of the most time-consuming parts of building your dream house. You’re going to invest a huge chunk of time, effort, and money, so it’s understandable that you want your house to look exactly the way you want it. You probably think that you already have your mind set on a specific style, especially if you’ve been planning and dreaming about it for years, but most people actually change their minds a lot before they make a final decision.

To help you decide or at least nudge you in the right direction, here are a few places where you can look for inspirations for the design of your dream home.

Home Design Websites and Social Media

The Internet, in general, is a treasure trove of design inspirations. From the garden to the bedroom, from the color of the walls to the style of bathroom fixtures, the Internet has you covered with hundreds of thousands of options. You can start by looking at various home improvement, interior design, and architectural websites. Google is also very helpful, especially if you already have a preference. Just input the design style you want, like “Mediterranean home designs”, and you’ll have no shortage of pictures for inspiration.

You can also take a look at design blogs and social media sites. Instagram and Pinterest are great choices, since these are highly visual mediums. In fact, Pinterest is a great place for organization. You can categorize to your heart’s content and even look at how others have collated their own pins. You might even spot some details that you haven’t seen before when you check other people’s boards.

Architectural Firms

What’s good about getting design inspirations from architectural firms is that you know that what you will see in their galleries are structurally sound. Some designs might look good on paper, but they might not actually work in reality. Take a look at the photos of their completed projects for more ideas, and pre-made designs that make the best use of all the available space.

Of course, it’s better to visit the websites of top Philippine architectural firms as opposed to foreign ones. Not only will they have designs that are more suited to local tastes and climate, they can also offer you free consultations and provide more accurate cost estimates. This is extremely beneficial if you have a strict budget.


Sometimes, old school is the way to go. Browsing through magazines can be quite a relaxing activity, and you have less distractions as well. This means you can really just focus on just looking at the designs and making a decision. Moreover, you can cut out the pictures from the magazines (no extra cost for paper and printer ink!) to create a vision board. This can help you better visualize your dream home and use the power of the law of attraction, instead of looking at pictures through the screen of your computer or phone.

Housing Fairs

Housing fairs are often dominated by property developers, who usually have a range of designs and styles for homes and condominiums at different sizes and price points. Take a couple of brochures since these also often contain floor plans. These are particularly beneficial if you are working with a small space. You should also definitely schedule a trip to one of their model houses or units so you can see for yourself how it actually looks. Brochure and magazine photos are taken at the best lighting and angles, so they might look a bit different when you see them in person.

Most of the time, architectural firms, banks, and relevant government agencies also participate in housing fairs. This is very convenient if you’re also looking for affordable and flexible loans, or have any questions regarding loans, contracts, and other relevant details like securing permits and licenses.

Your dream home always starts with your vision. Once you have that down, it’s a little easier to plan your budget, look for and ideal financing option, and find right contractor to help you achieve your vision. Good luck on building your dream home!

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