One of the greatest pleasures in my life is seeing our daughter truly happy. I love seeing her smile especially when her face lights up with joy. Such moments bring indescribable happy feelings in my heart. My husband Monch and I have been married for 8 years before Sammy came along. So you can just imagine our longing and excitement when she arrived. She is so precious to us that we do our best to give the things that make her happy. Like most parents, our goal is to raise happy kids with a bright future ahead.

It’s usually easy to make small children smile because they are generally easy to please. But it takes more than treats to raise happy kids. For one, you’ll need to know what makes them smile. Small surprises and travel experiences make my daughter smile all the time so I indulge her with it whenever I can. I know that we will be having less time together once she starts school so I’m making the most of the time we have now. Part of this is capturing and preserving my daughter’s reactions to our small surprises. These videos of our fond memories are stored and shared in a YouTube channel that I made for her: Sammy’s World

Here are some of the things we did or we usually we do to make our daughter smile…

We bought her “dream” toy for her 3rd birthday. We ordered it from Amazon =D Super happy sya, watch the video below:

But our surprise did not end there, we also gave her a wooden kitchen toy…

We make sure we go the extra mile to make Sammy smile, kahit in a simple day in the mall.

As parents, it’s important to make our kids happy because even the small things that bring happiness to a child have a connection to his/her future. A lot of parents want their kids to be smart and successful as they grow. But being smart and successful shouldn’t be measured through academic achievements alone. We can help our children become accomplished adults by providing them with a loving and happy childhood experience. This means providing a positive environment that makes them feel loved, secure and free to explore without fear. A happy child has better chances to succeed as an adult. So increase your child’s chances of success with these Hapee Ways to raise happy kids.

    • Happy parents are likely to have happy kids. Parents are the first role models of their children so it’s easy for them to acquire moods and mannerisms of their parents. If you want to raise happy kids then choose to nurture your happiness all the time.
    • Avoid excessive screen-time. Did you know that physical activities help release endorphins and boost positive emotions? Well, it does. So if you want to nurture happiness in the house ditch the screen and get moving. Divert your child’s attention from TV and gadget screen and spend quality time with them. Aside from physical activities, you can also make happiness habits that you can do together.

      My daughter Sammy and I have a #MakeBrushTimeHapeeTime habit wherein we have fun while brushing our teeth together. We even sing while brushing to make it more fun.
  • Positive reinforcement and Praise your child’s strengths. Happiness is also dependent on self-worth this is why it is important to recognize strengths. Let your child feel that they are valued by focusing on their efforts instead of the result. Praising creativity, hard work, and persistence can make a child feel that their efforts matter. Not just that, once you put value in their work children can be motivated to keep doing better on future tasks. Thus encouraging them to enjoy the journey to achieving instead of just the achievement itself.

    Use the power of “I love you”. There are plenty of ways to show how much you love your child. But they will never tire of hearing a heartfelt I love you from their parents. This is especially important when they make mistakes or when they are feeling down. Your unconditional love is their blanket of happiness when things aren’t going well.

  • Encourage friendships with other great kids. Aside from parents, kids also need to feel love and understanding from their peers. Friends who love, accept and acknowledge your child can help protect them from emotional distress, suicidal thoughts, and risky behaviors. But more than that positive social connections can bring a lot of happiness in life. As such, it is important to support your child in fostering positive relationships with friends at a young age.

  • Eat dinner as a family. There is value in having family meals together as shown in research and TV commercials. These bonding moments foster emotional stability and happiness in the family. Thereby helping you mold children into better individuals. I suggest you sit, eat, and be merry as you swap stories about your day at the dinner table.

People are usually more open to adopt new methods at work but not so much when it comes to raising a family. However, sticking to the old ways and ignoring new findings may not be beneficial for your child. The choice to raise happy kids is in your hands. So #GoTheExtraSmile to make your children smile and happy.

Let us make our world a bit brighter by raising happy kids. I hope these HAPEE tips will help your family be happier not just now but more so in the future.

Do you wish to bring brighter smiles to your kids? Keep your kids’ teeth Hapee and clean by having them brush with Hapee Kiddie toothpaste =D

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  1. Very good Sammy.. marami kids ang mahirap magbrush teeth especially at night.. thanks for the tips and happy kids pag no ouchy tooth ?

  2. Great ways to really nurture the kids with compassion. I’m gonna keep this in mind, to hopefully raise happee kids in the future! All the best for your family!

  3. HAPEE is such a cute way to remember all of these wonderful tips. I love that you guys are so close and that you even have a Youtube account that features your daughter (who is adorable by the way) 🙂

  4. I try to minimise screen time as much as possible and spending more time as a family is great too. I just need to reduce all these gadgets that are distracting our kids.

  5. I totally agree with you. One of the thing that I want to do with my child is avoiding excessive screen time. Bad for health and mental as well!

  6. Those are awesome tips for new or current mommies. I agree it is extremely important to be a positive role model for the children as you are their model day in and day out for proper behavior.

  7. It’s important to want happy kids and your post give some great tips! I love the less screen time I have a teenager and we struggle with this constantly. lol!

  8. Angelie Namindang on

    Super pretty naman ni baby girl.. Ang galing! Marunong na siya…Dapat po talaga baby pa lang maturuan na sila kung paanu pangalagaan ang kalinisan ng katawan.. Lalp na sa ipin.. ??

  9. that’s true bilang mga magulang hangad naten ang kaligayahan ng ating mga anak. Ang very good naman ni baby always brush her teeth. Kaya si baby ko (18months old) sinasanay ko na, na magbrush ng teeth nya 2x a day kasi hindi pa sya marunong dumura kaya nakalagay sa instruction ng toothpaste for her age 2x a day para maliit lang yung matake nyang flouride. Always brush our teeth para happy kumain

  10. cute ni baby. Thanksa sa info mommy. ako po paminsan lang mag bigay ng surprise sa mga anak ko. Kung wala man akonf maibigay sa kanila sinisigurado ko naman na mag eenjoy sila kahit bonding / pasyal time lang.

  11. Cute ni baby. Thank you po sa info. Ako minsan nag bibigay din ng surprise sa mga anak ko pero hindu madalas baka kasi kasanayan nila ?. Mas nag bibigay ako ng effort sa bonding time or pakikipaglaro sa kanila.

  12. Stephanie Novio on

    Agree po ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo Momshie tayong mga parents we always want the best for our kids their happiness kahit sa malilit na bagay kasi sa kanila iba yung joy na makikita mo sa kanila talaga tska pag happy ang parents more likely talgang happy din si baby.Ako yung two kids ko talgang sinanay ko din silang magbrush ng teeth nila hindi lang para maganda ang ngipin pati na din iwas sakit ng ngipin.Thanks for the tip po ❤

  13. Hershey Ann Gercio on

    This is very informative ma’am. Ang dami kong natutunan with your advices. As a mother or a parent, you’ll only what’s best for them, kung ano yung magpapasaya sa kanila. And spending quality time with kids ay big factor po talaga sa development nila. Mas maganda po talagang sabay-sabay kumakain ang isang pamilya. Isang way din po yun ng family bonding. Kapag nakikita ng mga bata na masaya ang parents niya/nila. Positive feedback po ang dating po nuon sa bata. Ang dami ko pong natutunan sa blog mo po Mommy. Thank you for sharing those advices Mommy Iris.

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