Go On A Food Trip With Olivia & Co.

Olivia & Co. is a chic bistro hailing from Singapore. It’s inspired by Olivia Devenish, who frequently traveled and had a keen interest in food, culture, and the people of the places she visited. Her stories are told through plates of delicious food from all over the world.

Their first Philippine branch – and the first branch outside of Singapore – is located at BGC Uptown Mall with indoor and al fresco dining. The area is easily divided into two sections by wooden shelves that are ornate with cute figurines – one for diners, and another for café guests. Both offer comfortable seating with little trinkets adorned around the place, such as the airplanes hanging from the ceiling and pieces of iconic landmarks.

The menu is a gastronomic adventure that takes its diners through Asia, South America, and Western countries. Foray into Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hanoi, or Louisiana with the chicken wings that are good for sharing, or dive into Olivia’s Sliders Board that consists of 3 tasty mini burgers: soft-shell crab, beef, and pork belly.

A specialty of Olivia & Co., the Hangover Burger, is worth the stopover. With their signature beef patty, cheese, egg, crispy ham, and truffle mayo, this burger is packed and oozing with goodness and comes with fries that would suit any palate.

Breeze through the tropics with the Passion Fruit White Chocolate Cheesecake, a recommendable last stop for your food trip. Its creamy white chocolate body and jelly-like passionfruit glaze that perfectly harmonizes the citrus with the rich base.
For more info visit their website: https://megaworld-lifestylemalls.com/

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