It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any family out there that raising kids is expensive. Not only do you need to provide for them, but you also need to save for them so that they can get the best start in life as you can offer. This can put a strain on your budget, especially when it comes to more superfluous expenses like travel. If you have trouble making ends meet, after all, how can you possibly make room to go on a trip with your whole family?

Travel is important, however, to teach your kids about how to be independent, how to problem solve, and how to enjoy and respect other people around the world. It is a learning experience that cannot be replicated. That being said, budgeting for it should always be your goal. Even if you don’t have trouble making ends meet, reducing the overall cost of your trip will still help your family out in the long run.

Try to Travel Outside of School Vacation
Though you don’t and shouldn’t take kids out of school when they are learning and have tests, this is the best time to travel. Rather than risk them missing important deadlines at the end of the term, however, try to travel at the start. Talk to their teachers to see if you can take their work with you so that you can travel and keep them up to date with their lesson plans at the same time. You shouldn’t do this for too long, of course, but taking them out for three days means you can go on a five-day trip somewhere fun. If you cannot or don’t want to do this, make use of long weekends. Taking the Thursday or Monday off for your kids can extend your trip that much more, allowing you to travel further and enjoy the budget airfare and accommodation.

Try to Travel to Lesser-Known Destinations
Travel isn’t just capitals and resorts. Some of the best places in the world are either hard to get to or simply not that popular. The reason? Not many people go, especially the ones who have the influence to add destinations to a person’s bucket list. Paris has been written about and espoused for centuries, whereas small cities like Copenhagen or Helsinki are only just starting to get the limelight. There are many beautiful towns and places to explore around the world, so don’t limit yourself to what you can think of at the top of your head.

Use Comparison Apps to Get the Best Deals
Once you have chosen the perfect destination, you can then use comparison apps to find the best deals on everything from flights to accommodation and even on activities and entrance fees. For flights and accommodations in particular, always check both providers and dates. A flight can go from $100 to $40 just by taking one extra day or going one day earlier. You would be amazed at how much you can save by doing this, and all you need is to be a bit flexible.

Find Coupons to Reduce Those Discounts
When shopping online, you can easily search for discount codes that will either give you further reductions, free delivery, or anything in-between. The only thing you need to do in order to gain access to them is to search. The same concept applies to travel. Simply search through these Expedia coupon codes and apply as many as you can to reduce the overall cost of things like flights or hotel accommodation.

Pack Lightly to Make Use of Cheap Flights
To make use of the cheapest fares, you will likely need to travel with a carry-on and no other luggage. This is not a problem for holiday travelers, because you can go for even a month with a single carry-on worth of space. In winter months this does get trickier, but the secret is simply bringing one thick coat and one thick sweater with you to wear every day. You will probably need to do the laundry, yes, but you can save more money on airfare than you would spend at the laundromat.

Prioritize Free and Cheap Activities
Every city has cheap and free things to do and see. Sightseeing, for example, is one of the highlights of every trip and it is entirely free to do. See if there are free entrance days for museums and other big attractions and try to plan accordingly, so you can make them.

Cheap travel is achievable. Not only is it within your grasp, but it is also great for teaching your children that they can explore the world on a budget. This will put more places in their reach when they get older and have a job of their own. Nurture this love, and you will have allowed your children to become independent, respectable, and adventurous adults.

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