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The black and white combo has always stood the test of time, no matter the decade or design style.  Black and white is a sophisticated and timeless color combination but sometimes, I punch up the combo with accent colors such as red (like my dress in photo number 2). These are probably my two of the most timeless looks.


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Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it… Good night!

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Tips on How to Keep your Timeless Fashion Pieces Looking Vibrant

Fashion trends may come and go but those who have a good eye for fashion can easily spot classic pieces that can stand the test of time. My mom is one such person, she has always been a fashionista with impeccable taste and is still careful in choosing her clothes until now. But that’s not all, she is also very particular in handling her timeless fashion pieces.

This is my mommy Annette! Ganda noh? Her beauty is timeless, want to know her secret? 

The video you’ve just seen is based on a true story 😁 😁

My mom has high standards for washing her clothes. If the laundry woman’s job doesn’t meet her standards, she would wash it again to ensure efficient clean.

As such, you would often find my mom re-washing her own clothes. She is now 58 years old and she still prefers to wash her timeless fashion pieces. This is prompted me to try my luck and join the Electrolux Contest some time ago. There were 3 Electrolux Washing Machine to be won by sharing FASHIONCARE tips.

It turns out luck was in my favor because I won first prize. We now have a brand new Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine.

Since my mom taught me a lot about fashion care, I decided to reward her with the prize I won. Aside from being confident that the machine will meet her wash standards, it’s also my way of showing that my love for her is as timeless as her taste in fashion. Speaking of timeless, wouldn’t you want to know how to care for good fashion finds and maintain their timeless style? Aside from FASHIONCARE tips I shared before, here are some maintenance tips to keep your timeless fashion pieces looking vibrant and new for a long, long time.

  • Look at Care Labels Carefully. Most clothing pieces today come with care labels. These small tags usually have washing, drying and ironing instructions on them. Read and follow these instructions carefully to preserve the look of your clothes. You can take this step a bit further by looking up care instructions for special fabrics like leather, silk, or embroidered fabrics.
  • Use Different Strokes for Different Clothes. Don’t wash all your clothes in the same manner. Some clothes require gentle care while other need tough cleaning. This is also the reason why you need a washing machine with settings for your different fashion care needs.
  • Know your Fabrics. This is essential in determining how to wash your clothes properly. Thick fabrics that are heavily stained may need some soaking while delicates require quick gentle wash only. Delicates include fabrics like linen, silk, wool, and embellished fabrics. Soft cotton and thin linen is also considered as delicate fabric as they may get easily frayed during main wash. Handwashing is usually recommended for delicate fabrics. As for thick and sturdy fabrics, they can withstand thorough and vigorous washing. There is little to worry about when it comes to these tough cloths but it is recommended to turn jeans inside out before washing.
  • Check detergent and bleach warnings for delicate clothing. Your timeless fashion pieces can also be damaged by strong detergents or improper use of bleach. So be on a look out for these warnings in your care labels.
  • Sort, Sort, and Sort. Just like mining for gold, your laundry needs to be sorted several times to make sure that your clothes get the best care. It’s not simply sorting light from coloured or dark clothing pieces, you also have to consider the type of fabric used. A properly segregated laundry pile should have separate piles for each of these: underwear, delicates, cotton and light fabrics, denims, towels, beddings, and special care fabrics. Once these items are segregated, you can separate the whites and light colored fabrics from dark colored ones.
  • Make Sure You Have the Right Settings for Your Piles. If you are hand washing your clothes then the settings pertain to your water, detergent, bleach ratio. Use delicate soap for delicate fabrics and stronger ones with longer soaking period for thick and dirt prone fabrics. For those who are using washing machines, check your washer and dryer settings. As for Electrolux Washing Machine users, well good news for you as your machine has more that wash and dry settings. You can tailor fit your settings to your fashion care needs with just a push of a button or a spin of a dial.

Timeless care for your timeless fashion pieces is made easier with an Electrolux Washing Machine.

Electrolux Washing Machine has smart features that take care of your fabric and preserves its color.

Colour protection, vibrant for longer

Electrolux is confident that its latest range of washing machines would rise to the challenge as its UltimateCare washing machines comes with UltraMix technology to help women not only get better stain removal but better fabric care, helping them retain the colour, shape, and softness of their clothes from delicate wear to designer pieces. Using advanced technology, UltraMix™ premixes and fully dissolves detergent to deliver deeper clean in cold wash and better colour care with 31% less colour fading after 52 washes.

Less wrinkles, effortless elegance

Electrolux Vapour Care Technology ends each wash with a gentle whoosh of vapour to reduce wrinkles and achieve smoother finish effortlessly. At only 40 degrees Celcius, it also eradicates 99.9% of allergen so you not only look great, you feel great, too.

Variable wash time for better care

The exclusive Time Manager feature has up to 2 selectable time options that let you decrease or increase the washing program duration based on how dirty your clothes are. With this flexibility, not only you save time and energy, you also prolong the life of your clothes by minimizing overwashing

Electrolux washers are certified by the Woolmark Apparel Care for the gentlest care of hand-wash only woolens. Their machines are even gentler than traditional hand-washing.

Now doing laundry isn’t just about keeping your clothes clean but also ensuring that they last longer. You also don’t have to worry about high dry cleaning expenses because you can already wash your delicate pieces and designer clothes at home. Don’t you just love it?

Not yet convinced? Let’s watch mommy Annette….

It’s been almost a year since my mom got her own Electrolux Washing Machine and I can see that she is happy with it. That’s says a lot about the machine considering my mom’s strict standards. She even raves about how efficient it is in cleaning and preserving her timeless fashion pieces whenever we visit her. You can also make your laundry experience a lot lighter and more efficient with tools like an Electrolux Washing Machine. The good news is, they have amazing deals being offered right now. Check out the Electrolux Amazing Holideals Laundy Promo and find your partner for efficient and timeless care in your clothing.

Electrolux Amazing Holideals Laundy Promo

Electrolux is hosting its Amazing Holideals promo this October 1 to December 31, 2018, with great deals on Electrolux and White-Westinghouse appliances available in leading appliance stores nationwide.

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Amazing treats also awaits as Electrolux is giving away fantastic freebies upon purchase of selected Electrolux appliances!

Get discounts and a free Electrolux microwave oven when you purchase either Electrolux Nutrifresh™ Inverter French Door Refrigerator, the Nutrifresh™ Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator or an Electrolux Gas Hob with Electric Oven Cooking Range. Get a free range hood when you purchase an Electrolux Induction Hob with Electric Oven Cooking Range and take home an Electrolux vacuum cleaner for free when you buy an Electrolux Vita Split-Type Air Conditioner.

Visit www.electrolux.com.ph/promotions/amazing-holideals-laundry/ for more info on Electrolux Amazing Holideals Laundy Promo!

To learn more how Electrolux can help keep favourites clothes looking new for longer, visit bit.ly/ElectroluxFashionCare and follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Thanks for an added tips on how to wash our clothes Batchmate friend. Sanay ako sa ilog nuon mag laba pero mukhang masarap and masaya maglaba gamit yang Electrolux washing machine. Mag wait na lang ako ng mag reregalo din sakin just like your daughter did sayo…in fairness, maganda ka pa rin kahit naglalaba ka and fashionable pa din.

  2. Wow.. kitang kita sayo ang effortless na laundry washing Ate Annette…You look stress free and relaxed… I think this machine is also good for busy mom like me….

  3. Wow…fashionable labandera…kaya you deserve a new washing machine from Electrolux…wala ng kusut kusut..
    Wala nang piga..at palu palo…

  4. Ang galing ah, yan pala ang secret mo madam Annette! Electrolux Fashioncare! We should try it too!

    1. Hindi na nga po sya secret ngayon hehe! Pero sakto Electrolux is hosting its Amazing Holideals promo this October 1 to December 31, 2018! dami discounts and freebies po

  5. The Labaserye video is super epic. That electrolux waching machine looks durable and reliable. It’s a must have.

  6. Great advice! I don’t like hand washing so I just put my clothes inside net bag then put it in the washer. Looks like this washing machine is good for my wool and delicate clothes!

  7. The outfits are so lovely! Thank you for the fashion tips, haha! I think it’s time to change our washing machine!

  8. Okay, firstly – your Mum is so beautiful! <3
    Thank you for all of the advice also! I really appreciated reading it. Electrolux is one of my favourite brands! I will look into their products more.

  9. Man I wish I took that good of care of my clothes. I do like to handwash things though because I know washing machines can sometimes damage them. I am not that tedious with my clothes though, and I really should be more careful with them.

  10. Dapat talaga kahit naglalaba beautiful pa din tulad ni tita.. at electrolux matagal na brand na yan.. at yan talaga ang sikreto ni tita Annette kung bakit gusto nya lagi maglaba 🤗🤗🤗
    More to come ate iris!🤩🤩🤩

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