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More often than not, the needs of a mother comes last in a family.  When I became a mother, my daughter became my priority, next to my husband. As a result I often have no time left for my own needs. I know that this is a common sacrifice for most moms who have young kids. However, we should also remember that having time for yourself is essential in a healthy family life. The good news is that there are affordable and guilt free ways to spend your mommy me time.

My 3-year old daughter is super clingy that she won’t leave the house without me. She also stays close to me at home and demands my full attention. And so there are times when I don’t get to do anything at all. Sometimes I don’t even have time to comb my hair. I realized that there is indeed truth to the Filipino saying “Isusubo mo na lang pag hiningi ng anak mo ibibigay mo pa”. I know a lot of moms who have mastered the art of being selfless when it comes to taking care of their kids. But we must also remember that we moms are only human with personal needs to be fulfilled.

Based on my own experience, I noticed that I tend to be short tempered when I am deprived of mommy breaks. I feel suffocated when I don’t get to leave the house for some me time once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mommy duties. Being a mom is so stressful, but I do it willingly again and again. I have found more joy in motherhood than I could possibly find in any career, hobby or talent. But we must also remember that we need to care for ourselves too so we can give more for our family. In order to stay sane and keep ourselves semi-put-together, we need some mommy me time to reset and reload.

Remember that a mommy me time is NOT a selfish or guilty pleasure. Taking your Me time is essential in making sure that you are fit to provide the love and care that your family needs. Spending time for yourself doesn’t mean neglect for your kids or your husband. On the contrary, its one way to ensure that you have more love, patience, and energy to give for everyone. Moms also need not feel guilty when indulging in their Me time. This is because a mommy me time doesn’t have to be elaborate, expensive, or even long-lasting. All it has to be is relaxing.

A mommy me time should be spent on things that make you feel good, relaxed, and energized. Just think about the things that make you happy and you have your own list of Me time activities. As for me, here are some of the mommy me time activities that I like.

·         Watching Asian Novelas

·         Coffee time with friends

·         Nail cleaning and nail pampering treatments

·         Facial treatments

·         Hair cut or Hair make over treatments

Just last week I spent my me time on a hair make over treatment. Being a “wais” mom, I checked group buying sites for the best deals. This goes a long way in finding affordable and guilt free ways to enjoy my mommy me time. One of my favourite sites is Deal Grocer. I previously availed of a discount voucher for F1 hotel from this site and had a hassle free experience with them. Thus, making Deal Grocer one of my tried, tested, and trusted best deal sites. This time around I availed of Design Studio Salon’s L’Oréal Dia Chroma® Color, Keratin Masque®, and Designer Cut. It was originally priced at Php6,430 but I got it for only Php2,800. As usual everything from voucher purchase to hair make over was hassle free.

It was easy to find deals like these for your “me time” treats. First I browsed for Beauty Deals using the DealGrocer app.

Having a Beauty Category in their app made my search easier and more efficient. I found plenty of choices like spa treatments, facial, nail care, and more. But since my hair cut and hair color treatments are long overdue, I decided to go for the Salon package. Once I found my choice, I simply clicked on the app to purchase and viola! I got myself a voucher.

September 5, I called the salon to check available slots for the treatment. The options they gave me were for September 6 or 7. I got the September 6 slot. The Design Studio Salon was chic and very clean. The interiors also made me feel relaxed around the place. Service was also good because they attended to me immediately when I presented my e-voucher to redeem the deal. They also offered me tea and coffee but I opted for tea.

I found the staff to be very accommodating during my visit. They even offered me a pillow to make me feel more comfortable. But for me they have the most comfortable salon chairs I’ve ever been on. The chairs have adjustable foot rests so that you could feel as comfortable as possible while waiting for your treatment.

I left the choice of cut and color to the stylist as long as it flatters my round shaped face, my only requirement was for her not to cut it short. After two hours here is the result.

Not bad huh? I like it because the hair color made my complexion look fairer. It had a lighter shade which I really like though I couldn’t remember the exact shade. My hair also feels a lot softer which is unusual after a color treatment. Moreover, it doesn’t smell like ammonia.

Not bad, right? I got 3in1 service less than half the price!

  • My hair was given a fresh color job with L’Oréal Professional Dia Chroma® Color.
  • Cut that suits my face shape and enhance my facial features
  • Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque® was expertly applied. This regenerative hair treatment uses Hydro-Keratin Complex to replace lost hair proteins and moisture.

It was indeed an ultimate makeover!

With my sytlist, Jem

Finding affordable deals for pamper treat like these helps me make the most out of my mommy me time. I can’t wait till my next me time treat, maybe then I’ll go for a facial spa instead.

Overall, I loved my experience at the Design Studio Salon and Deal Grocer. Aside from Beauty deals, Deal Grocer offers top resorts, hotels, restaurants, fitness and other things to do, on sale.

Being a mother is the greatest blessing of my life! I love the opportunity I have to teach and learn from my little ones. My advice: while you are enjoying the blessings of motherhood, don’t lose sight of yourself. Don’t miss out on your mommy me time and don’t feel guilty about it.

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  1. I no longer feel guilty whenever I go out to have a few hours of “me time” because it’s a basic need. In order to share more love for everyone around us, we must have enough love within us.

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