Six Essential Items That All International Travelers Should Have

Traveling internationally is one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences that a person can have. People often find a new sense of self after discovering new cultures and languages. Unlike staying within your own country, traveling abroad brings unique experiences and challenges that will help you grow and learn more about the world and yourself. Before embarking on a long trip, it is important to have the right gear. Here are six essential items for international travel


It should come as no surprise that one of the most items to have when traveling abroad is something to hold those items. While there are countless luggage options, backpacks are the de facto choice for international travel. Unlike more traditional styles of luggage, backpacks are easy to carry and leave both hands free. As international travel requires a lot of movement on foot, these features are crucial. A great backpack size for travels is somewhere in the 30 to 40 L range. It is important to make sure that the backpack fits your particular body shape.

Money Belt

A vast majority of popular tourist destinations around the world are very safe for travelers. However, one of the more common petty crimes is pick-pocketing. While not usually a physical danger, this form of theft can leave travelers in rough situations if they lose identification or money. Money belts offer a safe alternative for travelers to store their valuable belongings. These belts hold ID’s, passports and cash on the inside of a person’s clothing, greatly rescuing the chance of a pick-pocket. These items are small but can make a large difference when traveling internationally.

Travel Guide

In this technological age where all information is at arm’s length, it can be tempted to forget about guidebooks. However, there still remains no more accurate description from a particular destination than can be found in a travel guide. These books are compiled and written by travelers who have been to these places. Travelers will find recommendations for dining out, drinking, outdoor activities, accommodation and more. This information will make international travel much easier and even more affordable.

Pocket Translator

Language is one of the biggest barriers that travelers will face abroad. Not being able to communicate the most simple ideas and requests can be very frustrating. Pocket translators are the best way to combat this barrier in lieu of knowing a second language. These impressive pieces of technology have the ability to translate texts from English into almost any foreign language needed. You can simply type in a question or request in English and show the translation to the foreigner with whom you’re trying to communicate.

Prescription Sunglasses

There’s nothing more frustrating than not having clear vision when traveling around. Furthermore, it is crucial to have all of your senses aware when abroad. For those without 20/20 vision, Wiley X Sunglasses are an important item to take internationally. It is best to buy prescription sunglasses at home to ensure they meet your personal needs the best. Whether you hit a sunny beach or a snowy slope, you will need your sunglasses to prevent glare and let you see clearly.


Traveling with a passport is required by a vast majority of countries. Not many travelers consider taking other forms of identification on their travels such as driver’s licenses or school IDs. Although these forms of ID aren’t as important as passports while abroad, they do serve another important function. If a traveler’s passport is stolen, destroyed or lost, then officials will want to see other forms of identification. Having copies of your passport or driver’s license will make the process of obtaining a new passport much smoother and quicker.

International travel is an exciting adventure that brings about new and memorable experiences. Travelers will learn more about the world and about themselves. In order to get the most from these travels, there are a few essential items that should be brought along. First and foremost, having a backpack to carry all of your things is essential. Travel guides and pocket translators are great ways to feel more comfortable navigating in a foreign country with an unfamiliar language and culture. Don’t forget to grab those prescription sunglasses. You wouldn’t want to leave those at home.

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