How Hip-Hop Jumped from Street to High Fashion

As much as we appreciate the vogue exhibited by the current rap artists, forgetting how long it took for vogue to be adopted and embraced by the latter can be pretty easy.

However, even though this fraternity has always been endorsed and loved by the mania world, it is not until recently that various craze brands started reciprocating appreciation for the course. This was spearheaded by various trend luxury labels among them being Saint Laurent and Balmain who embraced artists and mimicked a number of their aesthetics.

Having said that, let’s take a look at a brief history of music and craze. This will certainly help us understand how rap culture has gone a long way from gold chains to iced watches and oversized gear to Louis Vuitton runway? Let’s break it down.

A brief history of Hip-Hop and fashion

Now, over the last number of decades, the typical rap mania which included 0s athletic wear and quite baggy pants have flooded the high-end American and European runways. This is one citation that shows, or rather demonstrates how vogue and this kind of music have an influence on each other.

Just as an example, one very popular rap artist, Jay-Z released a track, “Tom Ford”, as a token to his 2013 “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album fad designer. Ford appreciated the latter by offering front-row seats to Jay-Z and Beyoncé during his 2015 show hosted in Los Angeles.

During the early 0s, Tommy Hilfiger was one of the first brands and major cloth-line labels to endorse and embrace the street culture. During this period, one rapper, Grand Puba started mentioning Tommy Hilfiger in his songs and also wore his clothes on his track’s album covers. The brand responded very positively to this.

In fact, on one Saturday night in 1994, Snoop Dogg appeared to a live broadcast show wearing a shirt from Tommy’s label that was given to him by the brand. This great brand also went ahead and featured musicians Usher and Aaliyah in its campaigns to gain popularity. This went on and on and by 1996, Tupac was featured in Versace’s runway advertisement.

So basically, it is safe to say that the rap community started embracing the trend world and vice versa back in the 0s.

Fashion and music advancement

Perhaps, we can link Hip-hop’s initial status to the playfulness and freedom witnessed which has now advanced to a rule from an exception. Its initial status was an “outsider”. This allowed for the acquisition of freedom and casualness in the industry. At the moment, high-class mania is witnessed in this industry.

Big labels and brands endorsed this community and a majority of them signed deals with various artists to advertise and market their high-end products. This, in turn, led to an adoption of high-class fancy by the artists. In short, vogue and the rap world are kind-of arried’.

The relationship between music and mania was also witnessed earlier this year as Kanye West’s long-time creative collaborator and designer, Virgil Abloh was selected as Louis Vuitton’s male artistic director. On top of that, recently, there was a social media scandal pertaining to Kanye’s YEEZY and guess who came to his rescue, Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh.

We’ve also witnessed cases where artists such as Kanye West Collab with great vogue brands such as Adidas to come up with amazing products such as the Adidas Yeezy. We have also witnessed in a number of occasions as ASAP Rocky posts for another huge label, Dior. Just as the mania did, Highsnobiety trend, which was always a street mania blog became the master of trends. These show the blending of both fad and Hip-Hop worlds.


Being involved with rap music means getting involved in the stipulated zeitgeist mood. Fortunately, music and craze are not slack ideas. They are in dynamic and consistent flux. Basically, they evolve in bold and hardly perceptible ways. However, the aim is to be hand in hand with the ineffable feature of being cool.

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