Why travelling on a budget isn’t a bad thing

Travelling is a priceless experience. Nothing beats immersing yourself in another’s culture, meeting new people, trying local food, and seeing breath-taking views. Getting on a plane and finding a hotel to call your home for the next few days or weeks is also part of the experience. But when you are young and don’t have much in your bank account, your options are limited.

My main concern when travelling are location and price. Looking for places to visit on a budget could be challenging but after reading tips from other travellers and constantly looking for the best deals online, I was able to create an itinerary that was suitable for me. Before I knew it, I was on my way to Dubai.

I stayed at First Central Hotel Suites where I got value for my money. The rates are affordable and the room was equipped wih everything I could need for my long stay accommodation in Tecom. Not only was this hotel a steal for the price, the location of the hotel is also ideal for travellers on a budget as it is a walking distance to the metro station. This makes getting to other places easier and less expensive.

The staff at the hotel were lovely and they even suggested things for me to do during my stay. My trip was not without compromises as I had to fly with a budget airline and skip the 5-star hotels but I have no regrets. I was still able to enjoy my holiday and take in the beauty of Dubai. It’s not about how much money you spend, but how much memories you make and the experiences you gain.

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