How Do the Luxury Brands You Buy Give Back?

We’ve all got an extra special brand that we love to treat ourselves to occasionally, not necessarily bank breaking items, but small gifts to ourselves. From the “extra special” version of our favourite pudding to the deluxe branded jumper or trousers that you know will last that little bit longer.

Buying things, we enjoy gives us that feel-good feeling, a little release of the “happy hormones” – what if you knew that buying luxury meant supporting good causes and charity too? I’m sure you’d feel even better, particularly when the items you are interested in do fall on the higher side of expensive.

We explore some familiar and slightly less familiar big or luxury brands that put your money to good use (and not just in their CEO’s pockets);


The Coca-Cola Company produces more than just the bright-red branded cola that is popular around the world and brought in revenue of over $35 billion in 2017, that equates to a lot of cans sold. However, perhaps surprisingly to some, The Coca Cola Company through the Coca-Cola Foundation has donated over $820 million since 1984, in an effort to improve community sustainability.

These donations were distributed across almost 300 foundations, trusts and organisations around the globe supporting initiatives that back empowerment for women, access to clean water and youth education and development to name a few.


Another brand that gives back that may surprise readers, Starbucks, via the Starbucks Foundation gave non-profit organisations $6.9 million during 2015, of which $3million went to the Starbucks Opportunity for Youth programme. In addition, Starbucks endeavour to support their supply and production chains by providing agricultural training and water sanitation to countries they source their ingredients from.


Luxury jewellery brand Tateossian offers a wide range of spectacular jewellery from cufflinks embedded with gold flakes and meteors to beautiful women’s rose gold bracelets. One range, known as the Pill XXV Collection, an exclusive to the brand, is in partnership with the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which sees 30% of all retail proceeds donated to the foundation. The Pill Collection is available in several designs including bracelets, enamel pins and beautiful designer cufflinks.

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company certainly isn’t shy for revenue and donated an incredible $333 million to non-profit organisations throughout 2015 alone. This included cash donations, public service announcements, product contributions and a huge amount of volunteer hours provided by hard-working employees. There are many other projects and initiatives that Disney offers in addition such as the Marvel Studio: Hero Acts initiative and the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative.


A dedicated global health company, Vestergaard are responsible for bringing a number of products to market that directly benefits the user. Including the PermaNet, ZeroFly and CarePack, in addition to the LifeStraw; an amazing water filter both sold to the general public and sent out for humanitarian needs. The LifeStraw is vital to people without access to safe drinking water, allowing them to drink safely from any source. With their give back programme, for every LifeStraw purchased, a child in need receives clean, safe water to drink for a whole year.


Want to get some great stuff while giving back every month? The CauseBox is a monthly subscription box with several high-value products delivered to your door. The products you will receive are based on the current season and the brands are chosen, focus on ethical and sustainable production or donate a certain percentage of their profits to charity.


There’s no doubting that Bill Gates must be one of the most giving men on the planet, considering the large amounts of cash he donates to good causes and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which he runs with his wife. His company, Microsoft is another giver, having donated $135million in cash contributions in 2015. There are also several long-standing initiatives including a volunteer programme in which volunteered employee hours raise $25 for good causes.

Do you shop at a big or luxury brand that gives back? You may be surprised, it doesn’t tend to make the news when companies do something good however, there are plenty more that give huge amounts to charities. Next time you want to treat yourself to something that bit nicer, check it out and you might be able to give yourself a pat on the back for supporting good causes too.

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