Fujitsu PH advocates ‘co-creation’ in realizing success for business, society

Makati City, Philippines—June 26, 2018—Fujitsu Philippines, a leading Information Technology (IT) systems integrator and solutions provider, proposes a new approach for businesses and society to realize success in shaping a better future.

In its recently released Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision, the company’s global theme revolves around “Co-creation for Success.” It encompasses Fujitsu’s learnings in its co-creation projects with customers and partners in different countries, which delivered successful outcomes, ranging from improvement of efficiency in manufacturing to the transformation of the customer experience in retail and financial services.

“Fujitsu understands that co-creation is shifting into a new phase, from proof of concept to new business creation. Our vision for this year introduces key success factors for digital transformation, while proposing a new approach to transforming data into value, trends in breakthrough technologies, and new business and societal models in the era of IoT, AI, and Blockchain,” said Raul “Cricket” Santiago, president and CEO of Fujitsu Philippines.

Santiago also noted that the rapid advancements in digital economy are transforming the way people live, as well as on how businesses across different industries work. However, they also create many challenges. Fujitsu’s new tech and service vision 2018, thus, introduces three key trends that can help organizations have valuable insights in tackling today’s business adversaries.

Six success factors for digital transformation. The digital landscape is uneven and, the transformation is taking place at different speeds across different industries. Nevertheless, Fujitsu revealed that organizations that delivered greater outcomes showed higher capabilities across six factor—Leadership, People, Agility, Business Integration, Ecosystem, and Value from Data.

“We call these six success factors the ‘digital muscles.’ The stronger their digital muscles, the better the likelihood of delivering success. It also indicates that digital transformation is not just about introducing digital technology, but also a journey affecting every part of the enterprise,” Santiago noted.

Fujitsu’s approach to creating value from data. Deep learning and other AI technologies are evolving remarkably, but exploiting data is not just a technology challenge. Fujitsu believes that it is crucial to apply the most appropriate AI technologies across different types of data to generate substantial business and societal outcomes. It also requires the integration of business experience and technological know-how.

Fujitsu provides a digital business platform, solutions, and services, which connect AI, IoT, Cloud and Security technologies. In addition, the company is pushing the boundaries of technology to solve business and social challenges.

For instance, Fujitsu realized the implementation of ‘Explainable AI.’ The company’s Human Centric AI, Zinrai, explained the logic behind its insights, while other existing AI technologies are not yet able to do so. Another breakthrough technology is Fujitsu’s new computing architecture, called Digital Annealer, that can solve complex combinatorial optimization problems that conventional computers cannot handle.

An autonomous and distributed society, where people and AI will collaborate. In this era of IoT, AI, and Blockchain, Fujitsu believes a new type of organization, called a Learning Enterprise, will emerge. In this business setup, people will collaborate with AI to learn from experience and data, and continuously create innovation.

“Data is causing the transformation of entire industries, a significant shift from vertically integrated value chains to distributed ecosystems. In a hyperconnected world, Blockchain and new advanced security technologies will underwrite uncertainty in transactions and assure the trustworthiness of data,” Santiago said.

Fujitsu first published the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision in April 2013 and has updated it, annually, since then. The key concept of this vision is how digital technology can empower people to create significant value for business and society. Fujitsu calls this approach Human-centric Innovation, the key to driving digital transformation.

Through the years, Fujitsu’s vision also evolved in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The company leverages its knowledge gained in using the latest digital technologies in building and operating systems in a wide range of industries.

“At Fujitsu, this vision is our way of proving that we can be the business partner of choice for co-creation in digital transformation. We want to play a big role in our customers’ success and help society shape a better tomorrow,” said Santiago.

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