Wear good quality motorcycle apparel for safe riding

We all know that riding a motorcycle is very dangerous. Motorcyclist themselves will tell you so, especially those who have experienced accidents. Motorcycles do not provide the same protection as the cars, and when a motorcyclist falls, there is nothing to shield the direct impact when he or she hits the ground or object. That is why it is important and necessary for motorcyclist to be properly attired with motorcycle apparel. These are the basic motorcycle apparel that a motorcyclist should be wearing to ensure a safe ride. Here are the basic motorcycle apparel that a motorcyclist should be wearing to ensure a safe ride.

A good quality motorcycle safety helmet should be top of the list. Whether it is compulsory or not, wearing a helmet a safety precaution to protect your head, brain, face, etc. from serious injuries. You have nothing to lose by wearing a motorcycle helmet. Accident statistics have revealed that those without wearing a helmet, sustained serious injuries to their head and face, and permanent damage to their brain, and even death.

A full face helmet will protect your face from the hot sun, cold wind, bugs or whatever particles or dust from getting into your eyes. Modern day helmets even come with Bluetooth capability and speakers installed to enable you to listen to music, receive direction from navigation apps, receive and answer calls.

A motorcycle jacket is to keep you from the cold weather, or from the hot sun. The all season motorcycle jackets are made of different types of materials suited for all weather conditions. A jacket made of good quality and tough material e.g. good quality leather will protect your skin if you fall from your motorcycle. There are many brands of motorcycle riding jackets available, and some are armored jackets with extra padding to protect the shoulders, chest, elbows, etc.

A pair of motorcycle riding gloves will help protect your hands, fingers, wrists, knuckers, and palms from broken bones and damaged nerves if there is a crash. The gloves should be fitting, not too tight nor too loose to enable a good grip on the handlebars. The good leather waterproof gloves is also for the protection of the hands from the cold.

Motorcycle riding boots help to protect your feet, soles, toes, and ankles in times of a crash. Good quality riding boots are available from many good brands. The boots should be of good fitting that are not too tight to restrict blood flow and they should not be too loose that could easily come off the feet during a fall.

There are many motorcycle pants made of good quality leather and textile, or other good quality materials to protect the lower body parts. The materials should be durable and not tear easily. The stitching should also be reinforced without bursting easily along the joints during a tumble.

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