The Tools for a Great Website

Building a website can be a big task, especially if you have never tried to do it before. The key to building a great website is to have a number of important tools and services on your side. These tools can help you get the elements you need onto your website in the right way for the best user experience. Here are just some of the tools and services you’ll want to have when you begin building your website.

A Competent Hosting Service
Without a home for your website, no one will be able to visit it. Web hosting services can vary widely on what exactly they provide to their customers. However, most good hosting services will provide the space needed to the host the site, bandwidth to handle traffic and tech support to get all of your questions answered. Hosting services may also provide additional services such as domain names, email addresses, online web design building tools and more, depending on what type of package you wish to purchase.

Design Software
Once you have a hosting service that can handle the backend needs of your website, it’s time to create the user end of the website. Design software is especially helpful for those who have never designed a website before. If you are planning on designing your own website, you can choose from high end design software that gives you the most options to free web builders that let you drag and drop all of your website elements onto each page. No matter what you choose, it is important to test your design before launch so that you can see just how the users will interact with it.

Analytic Tools
Once you have your website launched, it is important to know the statistics, particularly if your website is part of your business. Analytical tools can help you determine who is visiting your website, when they are visiting and from where. You can also get more detailed information such as the keywords that brought them there and how long they stayed on any particular page of the site. Many analytical tools are free to use and can be extremely helpful when crafting all of your marketing campaigns.

These are just some of the tools that can help you build a great website. Once you have it built, you can lean on these tools for redesign options, continuing analytics and getting more of what you need by upgrading with your host provider.

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