Control the Meme Addiction in your kids before it Gets Out of Hand

The new craze for memes has become so wild that even kids are becoming addicted to it. Isn’t it funny how something we never had an idea about a few years about has become part of our daily lives? Memes are good in general, but the obsession can turn out to be quite stressful; especially in kids.

Nowadays, it is no big deal to get an eight-year-old with an active Instagram account and a specialty in creating their own memes. Technology has posed a great challenge to parents, especially moms who are almost always around their kids.

While memes and meme sites such as Lolhit.Com are not entirely bad, you should take the right steps as a mom and fight meme addiction which is mainly fueled by social media platforms.

1. Help them pick out new hobbies

Allowing kids to drown in the wave of social media and meme addiction could end up ruining their childhood and making them loners for life. Who would possibly want that for their kids?

Take some time and sit down with your kids, and make them list down the activities they like doing, well, apart from being meme Lords. Afterward, help them choose and distribute these hobbies throughout the week. This way, they will be more engaged in activities they love doing and have a more positive impact on them

2. More family time

Social media has become a quantum of solace for many kids who don’t have the most caring moms and the most present parents. Do you think you can do things differently with your kids? Mobilize the resources you have and take them out more often, create a yearly calendar with them and include interesting events throughout the month to help them value their social interactions more than their virtual lives.

Additionally, you can create rules or parameters that will help them avoid being in contact with the social platforms during family time. Confiscate their phones, and make them understand why you are doing it. After some time, you will see the outcome you have always desired.

3. Limit their social media activity – treats and daily routines

If the first two methods don’t seem to work, or maybe you feel like your kid is on another level of addiction, then it is time to play the ‘bad parent’ . Amend some of the rules of the house and add more restrictions when it comes to using phones and computers.

You could allow them to use their gadgets only after doing a particular set of activities that you have agreed on, or even setting daily routines that don’t involve a lot of social media activity. It is important to be radical but very clear on why you have to go down that road.

4. Invite their friends over

As a last resort, you could develop the tendency of inviting some of their playful friends around, but before you do this, ensure these friends don’t have the same problem as your kids. If so, you would only be adding fuel to the fire.

With interactive friends, your kids won’t have to cuddle up around their computers or lock themselves up in their rooms. It might be a good way out for them.

In the midst of all these problems, find comfort in the fact that many parents have managed to get their kids out of more delicate addictions, and strive to work your way out. A few more months of proper strategies and consistency will be a huge stepping stone to your success.

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