Before you became Mum and Dad, you will more than likely enjoyed many fun and romantic activities together, which helped to strengthen your relationship. However, you shouldn’t give up on spending quality time together just because you’re now parents. Check out the following five fun activities for busy parents to enjoy together, regardless of how old or how many children you have.

1. Start a New Hobby Together

Every parent needs a little downtime away from the kids. That’s why you should consider starting a new hobby together, so you can have a new focus and plenty of things to talk about apart from your children. For example, you can try your hand at upcycling to improve your home, learning a musical instrument, or attending an art class. Whatever you choose, it’s important both parents enjoy it and enjoy it together regularly.

2. Relive Your Childhood

You and your partner are more than just parents. You’re adults who can regularly relive your childhood through fun activities. For example, you can scream with delight together as you jump on a trampoline or unleash your inner hunter and laugh aloud with paintballing. Find the perfect activity for you both at

3. Take a Much-Needed Day Off

It is vital you make time for your partner, no matter how demanding life as a parent can be. That is why you should regularly try to book a day off together to have a little fun and keep the spark alive in your marriage. Schedule a day off from work or ask your parents to babysit for the day, so you can enjoy a fun day out together to embark on an exciting activity, such as a day at the beach or book a table at a fancy restaurant. You could even add a little romance back into the relationship by stepping inside a hot air balloon.

4. Enjoy a Games Night Together

Once the kids have gone to bed, pull out the board games and simply enjoy spending time with each other. You can guarantee you will both have fun when your partner attempts to steal from the bank in Monopoly, or successfully invades your land when playing a game of Risk. You could even arrange it for the winner to cook dinner for the kids the next night, which will up the stakes and make the game more competitive!

5. Arrange a Double Date with Mutual Friends

Parent life can often stand in the way of your social life. Whenever you have a little time to spare, you should arrange a double date with your mutual friends. Not only will it allow you to spend quality time with each other, but it will also allow you to reconnect with others, and it will give you both more to talk about once the double date comes to an end. There are plenty of double date ideas for you to consider, such as cocktails at a stylish bar, a breakout room experience, or a dinner party at your home to enjoy good food, drink, and company. You will wonder why you hadn’t arranged a double date sooner.

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