There’s no denying that nature does wonders for the body and mind. However, in modern life, it’s increasingly harder to get your fix of vitamin D and fresh air from the great outdoors. So, rather than stressing about trying to get out for a walk with the family, or bundling the kids into the car for a day at the beach, why not bring in these small changes to your home for a more natural living environment?

Introduce natural colors in your decor

Bright tones and vibrant hues do serve a purpose, yet for a more relaxing mood, akin to nature, you should look to palette made from restrained colors such as moss green and pastel blue.

Different rooms in your home will suit certain colors more than others; blues are always appropriate in the washroom and greens can be very relaxing in the lounge.

Go packing-free and decant food in your kitchen

Few things are more unnatural than plastic and having products on display in your kitchen that are wrapped in the material can really detract from a wholesome esthetic. As such, you could look to purchase beautiful glass jars and containers, to decant non-perishables such as rice and oats in.

Not only is glass a natural container — made originally from sand — there are many ways to reuse jars, and they create a stunning effect when used collectively. Try lining up a number of shapely glass jars on your kitchen counter.

Invest in natural furniture

The use of metallic furniture in the home can leave a space feeling cold. In contrast, using woods such as oak and birch provide warmth with a more organic feel.

To take it a step further, why not explore the world of live edge tables, where at least one side of the piece is left untouched and natural? Check out Modern Digs Furniture to learn more.

Hang natural artworks

Big photographic panoramas of open spaces or beautifully lit landscapes can add a dramatic flair to a room, whilst also acting as a fake window to the wonder of nature.

If you’re feeling creative, you could head out with your own camera and capture the sort of image you’d like, and then pay to have the image blown up and printed on to a canvas.

Grow houseplants

Any room could benefit from the addition of houseplants and, to be sure, in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, plants could be very useful indeed.

Look for greenery that’s hardy and doesn’t need much care, then watch your rooms come into bloom!

Enjoy daylight on a cloudy day

Thanks to new technology, it’s now possible to buy a lamp that replicates the sun’s rays — brightening up a room and giving you the Vitamin D that’s often in short supply during darker months. Read reviews online to decide which daylight lamp is best for you and your home.

Regardless of whether you live in a country manor or an inner-city condo, it’s possible to bring the sensation of nature to your home. Look for the small tweaks you can make, to reap the great rewards.

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