How often do your hear a typical 9-5 employee saying that ’my job is very hectic,’’ I am not finding time to do exercise,’’ I am too tired to go to the gym after coming home.’ Quite a lot of times isn’t it? While this is partly true, you cannot ignore the fact that exercise is MUST in today’s busy life no matter what just as your job is important. While it is each employee’s responsibility to take care of his/her health as an employer, you should also have a vested interest in promoting a healthy work environment. And of course, one way to improve the physical fitness of your employer is providing an office gym.

For the employees, it will be a win-win situation. The other significant benefits have increased the productivity of your workforce, which can, in turn, be beneficial for your business. Exercising reduces a lot of stress, promotes happiness and positivity. It can boost the morale of your workers thereby improving your company’s bottom line.

But then is it so easy to set up an office gym? While the answer is both a yes and no you need to take into account certain factors while having an office gym.

Designing a gym is by no means an easy task. Your gym space needs to be captivating at the same time functional. Having said that everything needs to be cost-effective and at the same time usable. Hence you need to design smart design facility strategies which will result in a more engaging facility and not any run of the mill gym place.

We note down some of the factors to be taken into account while designing a gym-

1. Natural Lighting-Gym facilities have not made use of natural lighting due to several reasons. The sunbeams from the windows can make the workouts difficult and what’s worrisome is that ordinary windows can be easily broken in a building where its occupants are engaged in the rigorous activity. But at the same time, severe lightning can be a bit turn-off for the gym goers. However, there are ways to design aesthetically appealing lightning in your gym wish if you wish to do so. Skylights are one solution which can direct light in a room form one part of the building. Skylights provide a tranquil ambiance, and it provides a smooth and peaceful effect throughout the room. Using fiberglass in place of ordinary window glass will decrease the risk of breakage and at the same time will allow natural light to pass through. Using solar panels, skylight or fiberglass will instantly give an elegant feel to your gym and will also keep your electricity costs down.

2. Less Mirrors-Having more mirrors in the gym is a very common thing since it allows the maximum members to look at their form while exercising. However, not everyone will be at ease with this feature. Some may feel a little uncomfortable while doing a workout in the gym. While it is not wise to go completely mirror free but can limit the number of mirrors. Mirrors can always be installed in such areas where instructors can help guide people.

3. Green Features-Adding greens in your interiors can have a very positive impact on your environment. You feel positive, happy and energized. Similarly, you can add greens to your gym space also. It will beautify the look of your gym subtly and also make it look attractive. You can add artificial palm trees at the corners of your gym room; you can also place silk palm trees or artificial orchids at the entrance of your gym.

4. Earth Tones-Flashy color schemes on the walls of the gym are a big turn off, neither the gym walls should be blank. Subtle and relaxing tones on the gym walls are a clear winner all the way. Boring color schemes can make the gym atmosphere dull. Wooden flooring is the most popular choice for gym floors.

5. Open Spaces-Working out is something which requires a lot of space. Nobody likes a jam-packed room where people are working out. A gym should always provide a proper open space where everyone can work out without any hassles.

6. Reception Area-First impressions are the most important ones. The lobby area has to have a pleasant feel with proper seating arrangements, a newspaper rack, decorative wall panels, and provision for water.

7. Sauna/Steam Rooms-Sauna and steam rooms are a must-have feature in today’s modern gyms. These rooms need to be clean and at the same time have an aesthetic feel. There should also be floor drains installed so that perspiration is washed away. Redwood can be used to avoid wood stains.

8. Electronic Integration-Computerized machines require the operators to be very careful about electronic integration in their gyms. You have to be sure that the wiring in your building is perfect and can handle all the needs of your machines which are operating at the same time. As fitness is going increasingly hi-tech you also need to take into account MP3, Wi-Fi access and smart device accessibility while designing a wellness area.

9. Adequate rooms-Having multi-purpose exercise zones are a must since it should be able to accommodate all types of exercises’. Your rooms must have the equipment’s that allow for transitions. The lightning, atmosphere, the music and even the heating and the cooling aspects should be well-adjusted so that your patrons can enjoy working out at the gym.

10. Lounge Areas/restroom Rooms-After a hectic day at the office and a workout session one will, of course, feel like relaxing and unwinding after a busy day. So your restrooms are equally important in having a good design and warm feel. Make sure there is enough space for people to sit and talk. The furniture should be comfortable where people will feel relaxed.

Description-Corporate gyms should take into account an employer’s perspective. You need to design all the elements of a gym cleverly. Not just the exercise rooms. The overall ambiance matters a lot.

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