Must-Have Spring Fashion Accessories For 2018

Spring is here, and it is time to shape up your wardrobe with some key accessories to ensure that you remain on trend. Remember, when it comes to investing in accessories, less is always more – you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune on re-hauling your wardrobe. Make sure that you follow the latest trends from the catwalks, such as New York or Paris fashion week, so that you can find out which items are on trend or are being showcased by your favorite designers. From boots to bags and even jewelry, you can take a few key pieces to give your wardrobe a new lift for the new season.


If you are a serious Instagram follower or love the latest accessories or outfits worn by the Kardashians, then are you are sure to be on-trend – no matter the time of year. However, spring can often be a difficult season to get right, in particular as changing the weather and those infamous April showers can cause a serious wardrobe meltdown if you are not prepared. You may need to use layers and ensure that your outfit is ready for all weather types. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous while you are out and about. So, be sure to plan your outfits to include a pair of shoes that will keep you happy and comfortable while you are on the go, a big that is big enough to hold an umbrella, and most importantly keep your sunglasses well within reach, just in case you get lucky, and the sun comes out.


Whether you are a fan of smaller sunglasses or want to invest in a large pair of serious shades, sunglasses are one fashion accessory that is a must-have for spring and will never go out of fashion. Be sure that if you are investing in a pair of sunglasses, that they offer decent protection against UV rays too so that you can keep your eyes protected while you remain fashionable on the go. Remember that no matter which size or shape of sunglasses is on trend, they might not suit your face shape or size. If you have a more oval or heart-shaped face, then square frames will look better. Pointy or longer faces can pull off smaller or rounder sunglasses. Be sure to splash out on sunglasses, as these are one accessory that will be useful not only this spring but all year round.


Any girl knows that you are going to need a big that is big enough for your makeup, cell phone and any important accessories that you use during your day to day. Now that the sun is starting to come out, be sure to invest in a statement bag that will compliment your outfits. Classic colors such as beige, black or tan are incredibly practical, as these can be used during the colder months too – and are ideal if you use brighter coats or jackets during the weekend or when you go to work. If you want to splash out on a serious statement bag, then make sure you choose a well-known brand such as Versace, Michael Kors or Dior. Remember that a statement bag or a bright print will speak for itself, so be sure to compliment this with neutral and more understated accessories. If you try to match your bag with your outfit, you risk this having a less aesthetic effect.


Every girl needs a decent pair of boots to smoothly transition from spring over to summer. With an emphasis on this season being placed on the Americana, or Wild West, trend, there is an even better excuse to invest in a pair of cowboy boots or statement boots to finish off your outfit. From buckles to block heels or even a floral print, these are the ideal accessories to match with a floral tea dress or delicate skirt if you are trying to stay on trend. If you are considering investing in a new pair of boots for work, then make sure you choose a more classic style, in particular, if you work in an office or a more corporate environment. Opt for mid-sized heels or block heels, to ensure that you remain comfortable and fashionable in the workplace.


When it comes to spring jewelry, keep it dainty and simple. Jewelry is the ideal way to draw attention to certain body parts, such as your ears or fingers. You can finish off any outfit with a simple chain necklace or charm bracelet to add an understated touch of glamor to your spring outfits. Roma Designer Jewelry offers a range of stylish earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to finish off your spring outfits. So if you thought you were going to head out without earrings, then think again. Be sure to finish off your spring look with a simple and dainty accessory, to help you take your outfit well into the next level.

When it comes to following spring fashion trends, remember that not each and every accessory is going to suit you. Be sure to pick and choose which spring accessories work best for you, and make sure that you prepare your outfits accordingly for when you leave the house, meet up with friends or go to work. From sunglasses to a stylish bag and even boots and jewelry, be sure to consider your entire outfit when you are getting ready or considering investing in a new piece. Remember that the spring weather is unpredictable, so while it is important to stay on trend, you will also need to be prepared to look stylish whatever the weather. While you do not need to splash out on all of spring’s latest fashion trends, be sure to pick and choose the accessories that you like the most and make sure that they work for you. Enjoy selecting a few key pieces to add a new lease of life to your wardrobe for this season and the next.

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