Exciting Ways to Test Your Brain

Your formal education might end while you’re an adolescent or a young adult, but you continue to supplement your brain throughout your life as you go through the trials and tribulations of human existence. Especially when you become a parent – and you’re beginning to impart your knowledge into young ones – the health and strength of your brain power are as important as when you were taking your high school exams. In order to be operating at a good mental capacity, here are some fun methods to keep your brain firing on all cylinders, keeping your adult education on an upward trajectory.

Do Brain Teasers

Whether it’s a crossword in the newspaper or a website you visit daily with little puzzles like the sudoku, spending a little time each week nibbling the end of a pencil deep in thought about a clue is exactly the sort of mental gymnastics that’ll ensure you’re fostering an adult wisdom, keeping those neurons firing and building brain matter so that you’re overall more mentally robust. You can do these alone, or with friends and family. Accessing areas of your brain that have lain dormant can feel laborious when you start, but if you build brain teasers into your regular routine, you’ll open up these areas of your brain, just like training a muscle at the gym.

Play Games with Friends

If you’ve got a competitive streak in your personality, it can be great fun and rewarding to play adult board games or parlor games that test your mental functioning in a friendly environment, with friends who enjoy doing the same. Alternatively, join the phenomenon of puzzle-mystery escape rooms, like the Greenville Escape Room, that require teamwork and mental ingenuity to get you and your friends out of a room bedecked with clues to your escape before the allotted time runs out.

Stop Automating

Nowadays it’s rare that we don’t use the likes of calculators and spell-checkers to rattle off complex sums or to correct our grammar for us. The result of these handy tools is that we are not using our brains so much for the simple numeracy and literacy tasks that we spent years honing whilst in school. It’s incredibly empowering to reclaim these skills – researching grammar and spellings or jotting down some sums and working them out in your head – which liberates your brain from laziness inspired by technological aids.

Get Creative

You’re likely at least vaguely aware of the different areas of the brain, and that some are more logical, some more creative. Creativity is one of your greatest gifts and can take the form of events planning, innovative cooking, genius poetry, stunning sculpting, or simply solving a household problem in a novel way that’ll leave you feeling proud of your lateral thinking abilities. This area of the brain is as important as any, and you can develop it with fun and exciting creative projects so that you achieve a balanced and healthy brain in all areas.

Brain training is all about consistent little bits of mental work – some of which you’ll be able to do now through these handy tips so that you’re not only stable but increasing your mental capacity for the tasks of adulthood and parenthood.

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