5 Features That a Virtual Office Provides

You love working at home, but there are some aspects of running a business that you would like to emulate. One solution is to set up a virtual office environment. Here are a few of the features that come with most virtual offices.

A Business Address and Number

One of the nice things blog about virtual offices is that you get a business address and a phone number as part of the arrangement. That’s great, since you can keep your private number and your home address separated from all of your business correspondence and communications. While you love working from home, the ability to keep your home life separated from your work life is still important.
Someone to Answer Inbound Phone Calls

Having someone to answer your calls using your own company name and branded greeting is great for your reputation. Instead of callers knowing you work at home, they have a vision of your spending your time in an office with plenty of other employees sharing the space. That image is enhanced when the receptionist transfers the call to whatever number you designate or takes a message on your behalf.

While much of the focus is on fielding inbound calls, there are services that allow customers to request the receptionist to place an outbound call on your behalf. Once your party is on the line, the receptionist will announce you are calling and ask the person to hold while the call is transferred. This can be a nice touch when you are contacting a vendor.

Physical Space When You Need It

There are times when you need to work in a space other than the home office. With a virtual office arrangement, you have the option of reserving space in an actual building for a day, a few days, a week, or longer. Maybe you have a project that requires you to be in relatively close proximity to a client. Renting temporary office space makes it much easier to quickly visit the client rather than driving into town every time you need to spend a few moments with the customer.

Business Services When Clients Want to Meet

Maybe it’s not a matter of you going to the client. Instead, the client wants to come to you. In this scenario, you need temporary office space that comes with all the basic amenities. Along with an office, you are likely to need a conference room, access to high-speed WiFi, equipment for audio-visual presentations, and even catering services to provide lunch for your visiting client. You can arrange for all of these with relative ease.

Mail Forwarding

Remember your professional business address? You don’t have to drop by once or twice a week to pick up your mail. It will be forwarded to you, typically in daily batches. That makes it all the easier for you to remain at home and concentrate on growing your business.

Virtual offices provide more features than many people realize. If this type of setup would benefit you in some way, talk with a reliable provider today. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you get to enjoy for such a reasonable price.

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