Why Memes are More Than Just Entertainment

News stories, events and big moments invoke all kinds of feelings in people. A speech from a top politician may leave you feeling frustrated, or there may be that moment where a top Hollywood actor makes an extremely noticeable stumble at a red carpet event that leaves you laughing and commiserating with them all at the same time.

Rather than just going through these emotions on your own, memes have made it possible for people to share their feelings and even start trending with others. These captioned photos/videos, or memes, are a sign of our times and culture, and tend to have a really obvious or really deep meaning to them. That’s not to say they don’t have humor and shock tied to them, because that’s something they excel in.

So while you may have seen dozens, even hundreds, of memes that have captured your attention, have you ever stopped to think how they act as more than just entertainment? Let’s take a closer look.

An Emotional Outlet

Not everyone is always comfortable sharing their emotions, talking about how they feel with others, and really letting their true feelings be known. Getting in touch with one’s emotions can be a scary and uncomfortable experience for many. With that said, memes can be a great way for someone to get their emotions out in a non-traditional way.

Tools such as RageMaker.net make it possible for people to create their very own meme, allowing them to showcase how they may be feeling in that moment. When a person keeps their feelings, fears, and stress bottled up inside it can lead to depression, anxiety, and phobias. Finding a healthy emotional outlet gives you a chance to express how you feel and deal with those emotions.

Get in Touch with Your Creative Side

While you may not see yourself as creative, and not any kind of artist, when you create a meme you are in fact being creative. You’re taking a look at a video or photo and adding your own words to it, which is creativity. The thing is that everyone has some form of creativity in them, whether you realize it or not, it can just be harder for some to tap into it.

So what’s so important about tapping into this creative side? Well it can act as a stress relief. It can transport you to a more relaxed state of mind, and it can feel good to create something that you feel proud of and that you can share with others. Just think how incredible it would feel to create your own meme that then starts trending around the world, resonating with all kinds of other people.

Memes are More Than a Funny Caption

Memes truly are more than a funny caption. They can capture a specific moment in time, immortalize a movement and how people are feeling at the moment, and really give people that stress relief and allow them to laugh when things seem serious and stressful all around them.

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