As the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day is about pulling out all the stops to impress your SO. There’s a lot riding on the 14th. If the pressure’s getting to you, take a deep breath. You don’t have to do it alone. Your phone or tablet is in it with you, and it may just be the only way you nail the holiday this year.

To make sure you perform at your best, make sure your device has your back with these apps. They might just make this Valentine’s the best one yet.


This is an app that keeps on giving well beyond Valentine’s Day. Combined with a membership with MoviePass, the app lets you watch an unlimited number of movies in theaters for around $10 per month.

Though it sounds almost too good to be true, MoviePass is an inexpensive way to catch all the latest films. From the latest Valentine’s Day chick-flick to Marvel’s blockbuster Black Panther, there are no limits to the films you watch. All you have to do is check-in to the movie using the app when you arrive at the theater, and MoviePass will transfer a debit to your membership, which you use at the counter to pay for your ticket.

There’s just one caveat: there’s no couples plan as of it. That means you’ll have to purchase a subscription for your SO, too, but it’s worth it if you watch a lot of movies together. After all, just one night at the theaters can cost a lot more than $10 each!

AllRecipe’s Dinner Spinner

After the movie, impress your Valentine by delighting their taste buds. Though it takes a little more work than calling a restaurant for reservations, that extra effort is what will earn you extra brownie points. A homecooked meal of their favorite dishes is a quick way to earn the title of best SO ever.

Don’t worry if you’re hopeless in the kitchen. The Dinner Spinner app offers up thousands of recipes based on recommendations and dietary restrictions. Each recipe comes with easy-to-follow instructions that even a novice chef can follow.

When you’re constantly swiping through a recipe with messy fingers, you can do some damage to your smartphone, tablet, or iPad. If you plan on keeping your gadget in the kitchen, make sure it can handle the heat with a handset, tablet, or iPad skin. It adds a grime- and water-resistant layer, so your device is safe from any bubble sauce or dough smattered hand. If you have the time, you can even make your iPhone 8 can stand out from your friends handsets with a personalized skin of your design.

Vivino Wine Scanner

No romantic dinner is without a nice bottle of wine, but finding the perfect vintage for the meal you prepared can be a challenge if you’re used to budget varietals. Don’t let your inexperience as a sommelier prevent you from getting a tasty bottle of red or white. Just download the Vivino Wine Scanner, and you’ll have a professional in your back pocket.

All you have to do is snap a picture of the bottle you’re thinking of and the app will show you food pairing suggestions, reviews,ratings, and any nearby deals you can snag on the same bottle of wine.


Try as you might, your efforts in the kitchen don’t always go to plan. Your appetizers catch fire, your pasta boils over, and your soufflé collapses. If you’re forced to throw in the tea towel, all’s not lost. You can find a remaining reservation on the busiest day for restaurants with the OpenTable app.

With a few swipes, you can find a restaurant in your area, search through their menu, and book a table with your top choice. As a bonus, you can earn points that go towards credits at any OpenTable restaurant when you successfully book a reservation and the restaurant confirms your attendance.

iKamasutra App

If you plan on returning home to slip between the sheets, you may want to spice up the end of the night with a digital Kama Sutra. This app comes with hundreds of variations on the act, so you’re never stuck with plain old missionary again.

Don’t worry if some of them take more strength and endurance than either of you have. It’s easy to laugh at some of the more unusual positions, so you can take some of the pressure off the end of your evening.

Are we missing any?

If you know of any love-themed apps that prepare you for the holiday, let us know! However you end up spending your Valentine’s Day, check in with the App Store before you plan anything. You might just find an invaluable little app that can make everything goes smoothly on the 14th.

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