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In today’s current trend, it is not just enough that we are employed. No matter how much sum of money we receive every payday, at the end of the day, it will still be difficult for us to say that we are financially stable or that we have financial freedom. My point is that, having other sources of income aside from being employed, is not just an option now but is a must to simply make both ends need.

Say for instance in my case, my husband has a stable job, while I have to stay at home to take care of my daughter. Instead of being contented as a stay at home mother and wife, I also do some working stints to augment the financial aspect of our life. Well, as you may all know, aside from being a blogger for more or less ten year already, I am also into baking cakes and aside from this, I am also into selling beauty products and other stuff.

Now, my husband and I are considering of putting up a physical shop for our WTF cakes and considering a lot of options such as the right location, the interiors, the exteriors, the overall physical set up, the payment method and a lot more. We are also contemplating on whether we would just accept cash or we would also accept debit and credit cards as mode of payment. And if so, we also have to decide on the best POS (Point of Sale) system to adopt. One POS system that we are considering is the Merchant Account Solutions that offers a great deal of POS services.

I am actually considering its Clover POS that offers a wide variety of software and hardware solutions that I think would best suit our business needs; and I’m having a headache choosing the right one.  I am amazed how the Clover Station can be so sleek in terms of their designs but can be so efficient in making a business run smoothly when it comes to the payment process.

Well, I guess this kind of thing must be thoroughly studied so that no money, time and effort will be wasted. I mean, this is the only shot I got, as of the moment, so I have to make a lot of considerations and look into various options to make sure that I start the business right, right?

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