If you are a proud pooch owner, it is likely that you spend a lot of your time thinking about the wellbeing of your furry friend. Even if you are effectively managing your many responsibilities, there is always room to do more. You need to make sure that your dog is enjoying excellent health and is sure of a bright future. Although it may be tempting, it is important that you don’t overindulge your pampered pet and lead it towards bad habits. Instead, you need to be on the lookout for ways to improve the health of your dog.

Below are seven tips that will help you to do this.

Evaluate your dog’s diet

If you are going to take good care of your canine friend, it is vital that you think about the food that you are providing. You need to make sure that your dog is neither overweight nor underfed. One of the best ways for you to do this is by creating a food chart for your animal. You should also introduce strict meal times and limit the number of treats you provide each day. Another idea is to purchase a set of scales to weigh out every meal. Finally, you should address the kind of food that you have selected for your companion. You will need to understand how sensitive stomach dog foods work, as they will be essential if your pet is struggling with allergies or illness.

Introduce an exercise plan

Next, you should establish an exercise plan for yourself and your pet. It’s a great excuse for you to live a healthier lifestyle and to spend more time in the open air. Ideally, you need to be going for a walk every morning and every evening. Instead of viewing this as a chore that you have to get done, why not mix things up? You could visit a natural beauty spot, take a trip to the beach, or invite one of your friends to come along. If your dog suffers from any ailments, you should factor this into their exercise plan. For instance, if they have arthritis, you could take them swimming. It will help their muscles to relax and will give them the chance to get fit without putting all of the pressure on their legs.

Train your dog

If your dog is more than a little naughty, now is the time to make a change. You may feel as though training your dog and asserting your authority is a little harsh. In fact, it is much worse to leave your dog without training. You need to make sure that you have clear rules in place and that your animal understands how they are supposed to behave. Otherwise, they could be left feeling anxious and unsure. They could also get themselves into a dangerous situation by picking a fight with another dog or running away in a public place. When you are training your dog, make sure that your whole family is involved. It will save your animal from being sent mixed messages. You should also invest in a relaxing plug specifically designed to relax household pets. Then, you can turn it on whenever there are fireworks, noisy guests, or other disruptive events.

Make sure your dog is getting plenty of rest

Another important step is to make sure that your dog is getting plenty of rest. It will help your furry friend to stay happy and healthy. One tip is to take your dog for a long walk before it is time for bed. Or, you could play a long game of fetch in your backyard. The most important thing is that your animal is properly worn out. If they’re worn out, it will help them drift off when it is time to go to sleep. You should also think about the dog bed that you are providing. Make sure that you are keeping it in the same place every night. Doing so will allow your dog to feel safe in its territory and to get into a routine. You could even consider a crate for your pup. It won’t work for every dog, but putting your pup in a crate is an especially good idea for anxious animals who spend the night worrying about other activity around the house. It will also stop your dog from getting up to mischief such as scratching the doorposts and rifling through the cupboards.

Look after your dog’s teeth

If you are going to be a responsible dog owner, you also need to take excellent care of your animal’s teeth. You can do this by investing in helpful dentistry treats that remove plaque and prevent tartar. Or, if your dog is an obliging animal, you could purchase a special toothpaste and toothbrush and have a go at cleaning their teeth by hand. Alternatively, if you are short on time, you could look out for a grooming service that also cleans teeth. They will have the high-quality equipment needed to complete the job.

Keep your environment clean

You should also endeavor to keep your home environment spotless. Although this is harder to do when you have pets, it is even more important. Your best chance of avoiding fleas, ticks, and other nasty critters is deep cleaning your home on a regular basis. You should also remember to wash your dog’s bed, blankets, toys, and leads. Just remember that your pet is sensitive to strong smells. That is why you should avoid harsh chemicals and only use organic, chemical-free cleaning products.

Find the right vet for your dog

Finally, you need to evaluate the choice of a vet in your area. Instead, of opting for the one that is closest to you, you need to find an experienced professional who is truly deserving of your trust. Why not go online to read reviews or have a chat with your fellow dog owners? You could also speak with a few different vets before signing up for a yearly plan. Or, you could take your dog in for a check-up and monitor their interaction. Often animals are more perceptive than humans, so your dog could help you decide which vet to visit.

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