Are you getting ready to travel abroad for the first time ever? This international travel guide of tips may just help you navigate the new terrain you’re about to explore. It’s an exciting time, but there’s still a lot of planning to do and there is a lot to consider before taking off to a foreign land and hoping things go well. There is nothing more exciting than making good use of your holiday time by actually going abroad, so make sure you follow these tips to get the most of your big trip.

1. The Planning & The Packing
Before you can do any packing you first need to decide where it is you will be going and for how long. The destination will determine what type of clothing and the length of your visit – how much you need. Of course, if you plan on visiting multiple countries life could get a bit more complicated when you try to back. Where you plan on staying and what type of holiday you plan to have will also make a big difference to your planning and packing.

A luxury holiday will allow you more luggage than a cheap flight to mainland Europe will, so this may make a major difference to your packing skills. Your budget will have a lot to do with where you stay, where you eat, and what type of activities you will enjoy while you’re holidaying.

2. Jet Lag
If you’re only going a few hours away you won’t need to worry too much about jet lag, but for the traveller who is interested in heading further afield, you may need to take steps to prevent jet lag. Firstly, get the length of your travel right – if you’re flying over three or four hours away you should be going for at least ten days. That gives you plenty of time to adjust as well as see the sights and explore the culture of the local area. Make use of the internet to check out the ratings of various restaurants and tourist spots – you want to make sure that you’re seeing the best of what is on offer. Previous reviews will let you know whether something is a good use of your money or not.

3. Save Money
There are various ways to save money – the biggest one is to plan ahead. Booking in advance is the greatest way to get a good deal, the only way to get as cheap a deal is to wait until the very last minute – and no one needs that kind of stress in their lives. In your planning ahead, though, you can check out coupons and offers for hotels, restaurants, activities, and more. How you travel is another consideration – car rentals are expensive and for the most part, completely unnecessary. Now, if you’re going to the US or Australia, you may want to rent a car. For somewhere like Spain, Greece, Costa Rica, and Thailand… public transport is excellent. So, research your destination and read up on their public transport to see where you can save cash.

4. The Little Things
Make sure your passport is up to date (take a photo of it on your phone and make a photocopy of it to carry, too) and check whether you need a visa to enter the destination of your choice. Additionally, it’s wise to let your bank know that you will be travelling. That way any unexpected charges won’t be flagged up. It’s difficult to deal with a frozen bank account when you’re thousands of miles away and in a different time zone.

5. Travelling
If it’s recommended that you arrive at the airport two hours in advance (or four) then follow those guidelines. You have to get through security, shop duty free, and navigate the airport to find duty free. If you are travelling during peak season there can be a long wait at security, it isn’t worth the risk of missing your flight. Besides, arriving and getting settled and prepared for the flight is a good idea. It allows you to do a bit of shopping, buy drinks and snacks for the plane and maybe even pick up a good book (but you should already have some handy on your tablet as well as music or podcasts).

Upon arriving at your destination, you may do well to employ the expertise of a foreign travel guide who can steer you in the right direction for the best eateries and sights to see. Check out the incredible hotel booking discount codes to save huge money on your next trip, whether you’re looking to stay at a luxury five-star hotel or an international traveller’s hostel.

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