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There are some students who need some extra tutoring with their subjects to help them catch up with their studies. Some students are born to be fast learners. These students only need to be attentive in class and they can understand and remember what was taught by their teachers. But there are some students who need to work extra hard and they need all the tutoring they can get to enable them to do well in their studies. They need to put in more time for revision and need extra time to complete their homework.

Tuition can be boring after the long hours in class and most of the time, students struggled to stay awake. After a long day, their tired minds could hardly take in what the tutors taught especially when it comes to the Math subject! It is a different situation when the students are able to learn Math online at their own time and own pace. The students get to rest after class and when their mind is rested, they are able to better focus. Students find that learning Math online is flexible and they can learn at whatever time suitable for them. They can even repeat the audio or the video as many times as they want.

The Great Courses Plus app is one of the best homework helper app that students can download onto their smartphone. By subscribing to this app, students can access the audio or videos anytime, whenever convenient to them. There is no fixed time and students get to choose when and what to learn, allowing them to adjust to their busy schedule. Students are able to learn at their own pace, allowing them to explore subject matter without following any fixed schedule.

To enjoy and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and interesting courses provided, you can download this itunes video learning app onto your Apple device, register for an account and subscribe right in the app. You will only need to pay a nominal subscription compared to an expensive tutor.

If you have not used a study app before, choosing an app from the many apps available can be overwhelming. To make it easier, you can start with The Great Courses Plus Online Learning app. It is among the top studying apps which is now used by students from all over the world. By subscribing to this app, the students have access to the many thousands of good quality lecture videos and audios by great professors and experts who are specialists in their field.

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