All Set for Play Dates at PLAY Okada Manila

Kids can learn a lot through play. This is why leisure areas that provide venues for self discovery and skills development are ideal options for play dates. With this in mind we welcomed the opportunity to explore PLAY Okada Manila, the newest indoor play area in Manila. PLAY is an acronym for Purposeful Learning and Activities for the Young. It is Okada Manila’s venue for elevating child’s play to an engaging and enriching experience for kids. A fun and leisure facility that is able to address both recreational and learning needs of children 1-16 years old.

We arranged a play date at PLAY Okada Manila for my daughter Sam and her cousin Zoe during its opening last Feb 10, 2018. Zoe’s parents and I accompanied the tots as they set out on their date. There are 8 fun and adventure filled areas that fit different age groups for you to explore. The idea is for kids, tweens, and teens to have fun and learn as they interact with other kids. These areas include:

  • Wizard’s Den where kids set out to defeat mythical creatures in an interactive video game with the use of gestures.
  • Mini Steps & Mini Me for kids aged 0-3 years old to play, learn, and explore.
  • Little Town is a role play venue for kids to experience hands-on tasks in banking, postal, school, grocery and home environments.

  • Little Park for little tots with boundless energy. Toddlers can get their dose of fun with physical activities in this two-level playground and maze.
  • Sports Zone is designed to accommodate varied sports games with its artificial grass court.
  • Janguru offers fun and adventure in its multi-level playground and maze for kids over 110 centimeters.
  • The Stage holds a showcase of talents as kids unleash their singing, dancing, acting, and public speaking skills in this platform.
  • My Party Place provides room for more. Host birthday parties, corporate events, team-building activities, or celebrate any special occasion in this gaming and events area reserved just for you.

There are several things that make PLAY Okada Manila a great venue for play dates. The purpose-built play areas promoting the holistic development of kids provide fun, adventure, and learning for kids. This enables kids to make the most out of their play experience. It is also reassuring to know that the facility is managed by expert coaches and licensed teachers. Another plus is the learning programs that they offer. It ranges from crafts, performing arts, academics, to life skills. There is definitely something for everyone here.

I am also satisfied with the safety and security measures that they have in the facility. They have coaches, marshals, and CCTVs to ensure the kids are safe. Stamps are also used as a security measure to prevent kidnapping. Kids and their parents or guardians are stamped with identical marks upon entry. These stamps are checked at the exit to make sure that kids go out with the same adults they came in with.

Sam and Zoe definitely enjoyed their play date despite Zoe’s minor accident in the playground. She got a scrape while playing on the slide and we immediately asked for help. I was actually impressed with the quick response of their first aid personnel. They tended to Zoe’s scrape and she was up and about in no time. It’s not just Sam and Zoe who had fun during the play date at PLAY Okada Manila. Zoe’s parents and I also enjoyed our day watching the kids have a great time. I’m already considering having Sam’s birthday at PLAY’s My Party Place. I’m sure our guests will also enjoy the place. Last time we stayed at the Okada Hotel there weren’t much to do for kids. Now that PLAY is here, kids have more fun options to enjoy. They have everything all set for play days and play dates.

Visit Okada Manila’s official website at and take the first big step
towards enjoying purposeful learning and activities for your young warriors at PLAY.

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