5 Reasons to Use Videomarketing

Video marketing is a set of techniques, approaches and activities aimed at marketing goods, services or a brand through a video. Direct advertising, company or product review, video blog – all these are varieties of video marketing, which allow to stimulate consumer demand.

In this article, we would like to present TOP 5 reasons as to why you should make video marketing a part of your marketing activities on the Internet thus achieving better customer relations.

1. Increased Conversion

A site can have good articles on it but not all visitors will read what services the company offers or what products it sells. First, not everyone can perceive the information they read well (especially if the described products are not familiar to the visitor). Secondly, not everyone will waste his or her time reading a long article no matter how well written.

You can not expect high conversion rates, if users do not understand what your product or service does at a glance. Whereas a good video will be able to answer all the questions your site visitors might have. According to Hubspot, almost 50% of Internet users watch videos related to a product or service before shopping for it, and 53% of users are more loyal to companies producing video reviews and using True Reach metric for their video campaigns. That is what display ad marketing is all about.

2. More traffic

A competent use of social networks and video hostings opens up wide opportunities for business owners. With their help, you can greatly increase your incoming traffic. For example, you can increase the traffic to your online store by posting video product reviews on your YouTube channel. And if you own a furniture store, then you can do reviews about self-repairing furniture and how to take proper care of it. Thus, you reach a wider target audience, which is something your business could greatly benefit from.

3. Building good relations with clients

A video has more impact on a person than text information and this has been proven scientifically. All because sensory organs of sight and hearing are involved at the same time when a person is watching a video. That is why with the help of video marketing you can build a trusting relationship with your target audience.

4. Better visibility in search engines

If you put a video on YouTube or another video hosting and compose a description with some properly chosen keywords, your video is likely to take some top positions in the search results. In addition, for search engines, the presence of a unique video on a site is a positive ranking factor, which is a great thing.

5. Growth in the number of regular customers

Different types of content on a site increases its authority in the eyes of users, and they are willing to sign up, subscribe to your updates, join communities, etc. That is, they become loyal users who are ready to come back again and again and buy products from you. In addition, you can get some video insights by doing video marketing and get a better idea of your target audience.

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