There will probably come a time when your child asks you if they can have a dog. You might be delighted and immediately say yes, but if your first thought is to be unsure, or even to say no right away, you might want to pause awhile to reconsider. There are many reasons why a child should have a dog; here are some of them.


One of the best reasons to get a dog is that they will teach your child responsibility. Your little one will need to remember to feed and water their pet, clean up after them, take them for walks, spend time with them. However, rather than the responsibility that they would get from everyday chores around the house, when it comes to the jobs associated with their pet they can get a special kind of enjoyment out of them, making them more likely to do the task at hand and learn something from it.


It takes a lot of patience to deal with a dog, whether it’s a puppy or a fully grown adult. They can damage items within the house by chewing and scratching, they leave fur all over the place, they slobber, and they demand attention. It’s important that the child learns not to yell or get frustrated with their pet, and this kind of patience is a good lesson for life in general. Your dog will also need to be trained in order to behave correctly. There are many ways to train a dog, and lots of advice can be found at Training will also take patience, but the rewards are wonderful and easy to measure and see.


Dogs are particularly social animals, and they need to interact with other canines as well as people. When your child learns how to play with their dog, it teaches them how to interact with other people as well. It teaches them kindness, compassion, and how to behave around animals, children, and adults alike. When they take their dog for a walk or to the park it’s likely they will meet other dogs and dogs’ owners, and they may need to speak to these people – knowing how to do so in a friendly, confident manner is important, and this can be learned through practice. Having a dog can help that to happen.


Dogs are great amounts of fun both at home and when you’re out and about with them. Every person has a breed that suits their personality, so it’s worth doing some research before picking a dog for your child. Once you have one, your child will always have someone to play with and to talk through their problems with. Dogs are great listeners and stress relievers, and even if the problem is a little one, being able to whisper it to a beloved pet will make your child feel so much better. Since dogs require a lot of exercises, your child will get that exercise too. They may not realize they are keeping fit and healthy, but regular walks and plenty of playtimes will keep their bodies strong.

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