4 of the Best Jobs for Single Moms

4 of the Best Jobs for Single Moms

Being a single mom looking for a job can be scary. You must consider school times, babysitters, and still have time to be there for your children. There are some jobs that cater especially to single moms and getting them back out there into the career world. There is never a better time to reinvent yourself and start a new and exciting career; you can do it as well as looking after your children. You can study plenty of degrees part-time or online, to help you get back into the world of work.

School Jobs

The hours of school are perfect because you will start and finish when your children do. Whether you wish to train as a teacher, a teaching assistant, a cleaner, office staff or a dinner lady, schools have plenty of jobs to suit all needs and preferences. You also get the same holidays as your children, meaning you still get to spend quality time with them without having to take holidays from work. This is a well-paid and stable career and as a mom, you will be able to easily connect with the kids.

Healthcare Professionals

There is a wide range of healthcare jobs that are available that work around the life of a single mom. As a mom, you will already have all the necessary skills: compassion, time management, and empathy. You can work as a phlebotomist, lab technician, and medical assistant to name a few, depending on what you think you’d enjoy. For more information on how to become certified as a medical assistant, visit bestmedicalassistanteducation.com. These jobs are always in demand and are well-paid jobs, with training taking as little as a few months in some cases.


This is great as you can do it from home and choose when you want to work. There are many freelance careers you can work in, including writing, graphic design, and even virtual assistants. No matter what your skill set there is bound to be something out there for you, or you could do this alongside another job for a bit of extra income every so often. All you need is a laptop or computer and you are ready to go. This also saves the money in commuting to work and means you can eat and drink at home, saving extra cash.


Becoming a nanny is a great way to make extra income whilst looking after other children either when yours are at school or at the same time. This can help your children with socializing and if you are already going to be looking after your own children, one more won’t do much harm! You’re already a mom so you know how to do it! Check your local colleges for childhood development courses or ask for some experience at a local child care center.

Whatever career you decide to go into, working as a single mom can be hard, but with support from family, friends, and your boss, it is possible!

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