Kitchen decoration ideas for the modern home

January is traditionally known as a month of changes; when people take stock of their shortcomings and commit to making improvements in their life. Often, these personal resolutions don’t last. Instead, why not turn the focus of positive transformation to the home instead of the body.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is also the center of family life. It sounds like the perfect place to start.

Show your true colors

Changing the color of your kitchen is an instant way to add a fresh new look. Not only can the right color enhance your mood and create a pleasant atmosphere, research has shown that it can also influence your appetite. While warm colors can make you feel hungrier, cooler one’s act as an appetite suppressant.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to transform the space; you can change the color of the walls or, if your cabinet colors are neutral, you could add some color with a range of matching accessories.

When it comes to decorative pieces, pastel shades like mint green and pink give some modern retro chic, while a single bold color like red or yellow can be very striking in an already neutral kitchen.

Don’t forget that the cabinets themselves can be prepped and painted to really modify the look.

Put your best on display

There are some really neat storage ideas out there and the days of hiding everything away behind sterile cabinets is a thing of the past. Open storage solutions with stylish wire cages or cute baskets can help give kitchens more character and stop them looking like boring show homes.

A free-standing open shelving unit can also add much needed storage space to a small kitchen as well as being a center piece for displaying decorative kitchenware. Choose a plain white one but line it with it with a bold contrasting wallpaper to really make it a focus.

For a traditional but modern look that is also convenient, opt for a ceiling pan rack to show off your cooking pans.

Upgrade your cookware

Pots, pans and bakeware are all essential components for the kitchen and are often purchased for their function rather than their form, but you can have cookware that ticks both boxes. If you have a professional looking ceiling pan rack, then what better way to adorn it than having some elegant looking pieces hanging from it. A professional set of stainless steel pans is one thing, but this as seen on TV, Gotham Steel pan has a flash of color that can work well with copper pans.

Let your light shine

Nothing transforms a space more than light, and the kitchen is a place where this can work really well. Replace old strip lighting with recessed modern spot or track fittings to direct the light to where it’s most needed.

If you have a central island or dining area in your kitchen then a focus pendant light above can be a real feature. Go bold with a large industrial fitting with vintage Edison bulbs to give an urban feel.

Style it out with Scandi Chic

The Scandinavians have a flair for interior design and the kitchen doesn’t escape their creative attention. Bring some hygge into your home with warm woods mixed with white units, geometric patterns and plenty of greenery.

A kitchen transformation might take some time and effort but the results are likely to last longer than most new year resolutions.

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