How to Express Your Lifestyle with Emo Hairstyles

While Emo is a fashion trend based on a youthful subculture, this is one trend which has infiltrated literally every age group imaginable! You can see retirees working the doors at Walmart with Emo hairstyles just as easily as you can see professional women or clubbers dressing in Emo fashions. Perhaps it’s because of the fun you can have with Emo hairstyles, which lighten up the heavy political mood of the past few years. In any case, no matter what your age or lifestyle, you can express yourself well with a variety of Emo hairstyles from light to stark-raving outrageous. Let’s have some fun!

But First – A Word from Our Sponsors – The Emo Subculture

While many people still don’t know that those skinny jeans, studded belts, and rainbow hair colors are a sure sign of having gone Emo, they wear them nonetheless. Emo is actually a spinoff of the Punk era of the 70s and 80s and was truly born in the early 1990s, through the turn of the century when Punk/Grunge took on a more emotional appeal. While much is still based on heavy metal or dance genres, the styles which are now equated with the Emo subculture have been assimilated into mainstream trends, making it more important than ever to express your lifestyle with the Emo hairstyle you choose to wear.

Brown Emo Hair Can Be Worn by Anyone of Any Age

Many girls and women choose brown Emo hair because it’s all about a cut. There is nothing extremely outlandish about this particular style but, of course, like the wearer, brown Emo cuts can go in any direction. You can wear a fringed bob or long fringed tresses. The base color brown can be highlighted for ease of temporary color application or you can use heavy hair chalks to achieve a bit of color as you see fit. Sometimes, the brown Emo hairstyle is worn simply for days at the office, but at night, it is dressed up with all the rainbow colors you can find. In other words, brown Emo hair is the easiest to change as your lifestyle requires.

Back in Black?

Some fashionistas steer clear of black Emo hair because it is too similar to the Goth cuts of days gone by. Emo is, on the one hand, an emotional statement of who you are, but on the other hand, it is much more fun than Goth and not nearly as dark. Yes, you still want heavy black eyeliner and tight black jeans or leggings, but you certainly don’t want to look like you stepped out of fright night if you’ve gone Emo. By all means, keep the black if you must, but add a bit of color and some fun fashion accessories to lighten the mood. Emo is emotional, but more on the fun-loving side than on the dark, gloomy, and fatalistic style so reminiscent of Grunge of old.

So, how can you express your lifestyle with Emo hairstyles? Remember, everyone of all ages are wearing them, so it’s up to you what kind of statement you want to make. Leave the outlandish to the younger set, however, and do up a modified Emo as you age. It’s a time of anything goes, so why not get Emo about it? Express yourself to be seen – that’s what it’s all about anyway, so why not?

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