Getting your teenagers behind the wheel

If you’ve got teenage kids, then one of their big milestones in life is approaching. Learning to drive! Remember all those years ago when you first got behind the wheel? It was exciting, wasn’t it? Even if it was a bit daunting and nerve-wracking at times. Seeing your young ones build their confidence in the car can be really satisfying, and, of course, it can open up a whole new world of opportunities for them – and possible retirement for the ‘family taxi service.’ Here are some of the benefits of your kids getting a licence.

Another step on the skills ladder

As with all sorts of education in life, picking up new skills can only improve your chances in an increasingly competitive world. So, getting your kids enthusiastic about driving could be one of the most important things you do to help them build their independence and their paths ahead. Being able to drive unleashes freedom, meaning your young ones can do more socially and, perhaps more importantly, have the skills they need to secure future work opportunities. The latter is especially important to those who live remotely.

Building confidence

Learning to drive can also help to give your kids a real sense of achievement. It won’t come easy to all and will take hours of lessons. Sometimes it may feel like it’s a challenge too far for some. But the efforts normally pay off, and passing the test will be a memorable day for them and you as a family.

You should take time to help find a good local driving school, where you are happy with the trainers and lessons being provided. Shop around, to see if there are any offers on lessons packages. You will also need to find out what kind of car your son or daughter will be using to learn, to ensure that it’s comfortable for them.

Taking responsibility

Driving and running a car is also about being responsible. Getting a licence will help your kids value their freedom – knowing that it’s opening-up their life for them. They will also have to look after the vehicle, and fund it, which will need budgeting and planning skills.

They will also, of course, have to take lots of care while driving. Remembering everything they learned during their lessons. Making sure they drive at the correct speeds and never drink drive. And, if there’s ever have an accident, they need to know what to do. They may need to get an attorney involved.

Easing the university strain

If your children are planning on studying at university or a higher education college, having a driving licence can come in real handy – particularly if they are not moving to another state to study and will be commuting from home. Having the ability to drive a car will mean they can get to and from campus much more easily and they’ll be able to transport their books and equipment around more easily. They could, of course, think green too, and pick up other student friends – a kind of car share. And, if the friends drive, they could all take it in turns.

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