Paddling Along: 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Ping Pong Table

Are you looking for a ping pong table? There are some important things to consider before making a purchase. These involve who you will be inviting to play with you, where you will store or display the table, and safety and convenience as well as cost. Before venturing out to make this purchase here are 5 things to consider.

Will You Be Playing Alone

Ping Pong requires a friend or a table tennis robot. Before purchasing a ping pong table consider who will be playing with you. If you are seeking to up your competitiveness, consider an additional investment in a robot or find a table that folds into the playback position allowing you to practice solo. Of course, adding a ping pong table to your home might just be the way to get more friends over. It is a great centerpiece for a social event.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Ping pong tables are a great sport but they take up a good amount of room. Know before purchasing where you will be placing the table. Whether you place it indoors or outdoors will determine the type you will need to invest in. Outdoor tables are very durable and can withstand various weather conditions, including a damp basement. They are less likely to warp due to elements. While indoor tables have a better bounce and shine they are not resistant to changes in the environment, particularly high humidity.

Indoor tables are best for those who view ping pong as a sport and want to play competitively. However, if you do not have the adequate indoor space it will warp quickly. Access your ping pong goals versus available space to determine which type of table is best for you. If you are short on space consider a compact or easy to store model.

Convenient Assembly

Once you know whether you will be playing inside or out the next step is to determine whether or not the table will be a permanent feature. If you are purchasing this table for occasional recreational value when friends visit then consider a light, portable, foldable table that is simple to store away. If you are looking for something more permanent a thicker heavier table will provide a better quality play for the player advancing from hobby to competitive play.

Safety Features

Whether you are looking to keep your ping pong table out at all times or neatly tucked away the stability of the table is essential. The last thing anyone wants is for the table to collapse during an intense play. Roller tables need to have brakes and sturdy bracing struts. Ping pong is as much a sport as any other and injuries can happen. A few extra safety precautions will help keep the fun injury free.


The best ping pong tables are not cheap. Cheap tables are thin which directly affects the bounce of the ball. Spending a little extra for a quality table will go a long way in the quality of your game. The better the table the more you will use it, making the inexpensive tables a poor investment in the long run.

Once you have established exactly what you are looking for in a ping pong table it will become clearer to you which one to buy. There are so many tables to choose from and the perfect match is out there.

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