Fun Things to do Online When You Need A Break

Being a blogger, it is normal for me to stay online most of the time. I mean, wherever I go, I make sure that I am still keeping in touch with the online world. I earn from my online productive activities, gain friends, get to know the latest happenings around and so much more! The possibilities are endless, if you know what I mean.

Of course, it is not just pure business that I do online. After hours of work, I think I deserve to take a few breaks throughout the day. There are also times where I get entertained with some online shows, videos and trivial things shared online, such as those shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagrams – the three most visited social media platforms these days. Also I get to watch viral videos, and even know people even before they become a star – and that’s because of spending much of my time online.

Moreover, I occasionally get hooked to some online games like Everwing, Clash of Clans (COC), Mobile Legends and more of that sort. Well, what can I say? There are just countless but fun activities that I can do online. Actually, there were times that I get so much “hooked” to some online games that I get sleepless nights. I guess, many can relate to this.

Since I like playing bingo game when I was still young, I find it convenient to know that I can now play bingo online and I think that’s hassle-free. For this, there are times that I also get hooked with this all time family favorite bingo game that you can play online (which I occasionally do, too ^_^) through my phone anytime, anywhere.

But of course, I know how to balance things, between my online and offline life. I still see to it that my fast-growing beautiful daughter is well taken care of and that all her needs are there, as well as my husband’s too before I “seriously” engaged in my “online duties”.

I guess in today’s millennial time, spending much of our time online for various purposes has become a necessity. But it is still up for us to balance our time and what we do online must be productive, too!

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Mommy Iris

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