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Are you and your family prepared in case of an emergency or accident? Today, we lead very hectic lifestyles, and it can be difficult to think ahead. Emergencies can present themselves in all shapes and sizes, from a burst water pipe to needing a last-minute sitter or day care alternative. It’s essential to have a list of your key contacts to hand. You may even want to store them in your cell phone or write them on a piece of paper that you can stick to the door of your refrigerator. Having these numbers in sight will give you added peace of mind.

Your useful numbers will vary depending on the size of your household. While some parents are comfortable doing odd chores or DIY, others may prefer to call in the professionals. It’s often far better to get outside help when it comes to car maintenance or larger chores, when margins for error are a lot higher. You may also want to add some key emergency numbers to your list. This is a great way of teaching your kids about when and why you should call 911. However young they are, your children could rely on this knowledge at some point during their lives, and it’s best to make sure that they know prank calls and wasting valuable emergency service time can have consequences. So, if you’ve always wished you had a list of useful numbers in sight, read on for some suggestions.

Emergency Numbers

Make sure that the national US emergency number is at the top of your list. This is a great number to start with if you are educating your younger children about the roles of fire, police or ambulance crews. If you suffer an accident, your kids will know exactly where to look if they need to call for help.

Day Center or Sitter

Even if you are a stay at home mom, it’s always a good idea to have the number of a babysitter to hand. Finding a reliable and responsible sitter can be difficult. So, when you do have someone, make sure that you are paying him or her enough that they won’t want to stop caring for your kids! This doesn’t mean you should share your sitter’s number with all your friends – as they may get booked up quickly! Be sure to have a good daycare center number on your list too. Even if your kids love staying at home during the vacation, a daycare center will give you a much-needed break. Plus sending your kids to daycare is a great way for them to meet new friends and learn new hobbies, such as a musical instrument or sports. It’s also worth sending your child to daycare if they get clingy or nervous when you leave them. By being with other children, your little darling will soon forget that you’ve gone – they’ll be having so much fun. Keep a day center or sitter number at the top of your list.

Local Locksmith

There’s nothing worse than getting locked out of your home, especially if it’s cold and dark outside. Locksmiths can be costly and it can be tedious looking through your phone directory to find a reputable firm. Why not save yourself the time and effort by keeping a local locksmith’s number to hand? Changing locks is not an easy skill, no matter how good you are at DIY. Be sure to keep a local locksmith’s number to hand to avoid tears and tantrums in case of any eventuality.

A Trusted Attorney

You never know when your family could be affected by an accident or injury. Victims of any accident not only suffer the obvious physical effects, but unforeseen damages and healthcare costs can also bring an added financial burden. If another driver or vehicle caused the accident then there will be additional questions that will need answering. You will also want help dealing with insurers and the legalities of the event, as these can be tough to navigate. Keeping an attorney’s number to hand will mean that you know exactly who to call. Companies such as Rand Spear a Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney can help provide answers to your questions, meaning you can focus your energy on helping your loved one to recover. This is a number that should definitely be on your key contacts list.

A Towing Service

Even if your car is brand new, there’s no knowing when you might have a break down or get stuck at the side of the road. Calling a tow truck can be expensive. It’s also difficult to know which firms to trust. Some companies add on extra costs too, meaning that your total tow service costs can quickly mount up. Make sure that you have the number of a towing service to hand if you do a lot of driving. Accidents happen when we least expect them, such as when you take the kids to school or soccer practice. Having the number of a tow truck to hand will benefit your entire family, transporting you all safely home while your car is repaired.

Health Insurance Provider

If you or a family member suffers from ill health and need to go to the emergency room, you will want to be sure that your medical bills are going to be covered. Be sure to check with your provider to make sure that you are approved for full coverage. It’s best to organize this in advance, or else you could end up paying for medical bills out of your own account. You will be able to find your provider’s number on your health insurance card. Make sure if you are covered during business trips and vacations too. Having the number of a trusted health insurance provider on your list will save you time and effort if disaster strikes.

Your Bank or Credit Card Provider

As fraud and credit card theft continues to rise, make sure that you know what to do if you are affected. Too many of us are complacent when we use our credit cards, but scammers are becoming increasingly talented at targeting consumers. It’s nice to know that you can cancel your credit or bankcard the moment that it goes missing. This will ensure that you can avoid wracking up huge costs that could affect your credit rating. Make sure that this number is on your list so that you are prepared in case of loss or theft.

Just having a few essential numbers to hand will save you time and effort in the long run, not to mention that it will give you some much needed relief in case of an emergency. So, make sure that you write your own list – you will be thankful that you did should disaster or an accident strike..

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