Team Kramer smiles for Hapee Kiddie, Hapee Buddy, and Gumtect

Oral care is an important aspect of good hygiene that is why choosing the right toothpaste for the family should be taken seriously. Celebrity parents Doug and Chesca Kramer share the same sentiments for the oral care of their whole family. According to them “Every product we use in the house for the children is carefully chosen, just so we know we are getting the best for them. And we are just so thrilled that we have the perfect toothpaste for them in Hapee Kiddie and Hapee Buddy”. A Hapee Toothpaste Team to care for every need of your family.

If you consider the oral care needs of each member of the family, having one toothpaste for everyone is no longer the best option around. Your best choices are found in brands with a complete line-up of products for every family member’s need. This makes Lamoiyan Corporation, makers of Hapee toothpaste, a perfect ally for Team Kramer. Lamoiyan Corporation is the first ever fully-owned Filipino company to successfully penetrate the toothpaste industry. Lamoiyan’s Hapee toothpaste team has a line-up that can cover oral care needs from infancy to adulthood. As such, they are a perfect choice for every Filipino family. Parents Doug and Chesca leaves nothing to chance when it comes to oral care for their kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. And so it is fitting to have Team Kramer signed up to be the poster family for Hapee Kiddie, Hapee Buddy and Gumtect.

“Team Kramer embodies the perfect Filipino family. They really value family bonding time and what it means to get together everyday to keep the family ties strong, and that’s what we want brushing teeth to be—a family practice,” says Joel Pedro, chief operating officer of Lamoiyan Corporation.

Chesca expressed her joy to speak for the Hapee Kiddie line during the media launch at the Mind Museum in Taguig City. “Needless to say, Doug and I only want the best for our kids. Hapee Kiddie and Hapee Buddy protect give us the oral care that our kids need”.

Hapee Buddy is the newest addition to Lamoiyan’s Hapee toothpaste line. It is formulated to be the perfect toothpaste for children aged 6 to 12 years old. Hapee Buddy has Calcium to strengthen teeth enamel and Vitamin C to promote healthy gums. Aside from providing overall freshness in the mouth, kids will also like its kiwi flavor.

Kids aged 2 to 5 years old will find brushing teeth to be more enjoyable with Hapee Kiddie toothpaste. They can have fun picking their favorites from seven exciting flavors of gel formulated toothpaste. These include Strawberry Bloom, Tutti Frutti Twist, Orange Squeeze, Apple Crunch, Juicy Grapes, Bubblegum Pop, and Cookies and Cream Ahoy.

The Hapee toothpaste team also includes Hapee Baby Infant Toothgel which is especially formulated for babies from 4 to 24 months old. It gives cavity protection for baby’s milk teeth without the sugar and added artificial colors of a regular toothpaste.

Lamoiyan’s new and improved Gumtect line helps address the therapeutic oral care needs of Filipinos. Available in two variants, the Gumtect line is specially formulated to care for weak and bleeding gums. It also helps prevent the occurrence of mouth sores or “singaw” and “pangingilo.”

Gumtect Gum Care toothpaste stimulates the growth of new tissues for faster wound healing and reduces inflammation. It also soothes and moisturizes gums as well as inhibits bacterial growth. This is the only gum care brand with Gumshield+.

Filipinos who suffer with pain from sensitive teeth or “pangingilo” can find relief by using Gumtect Sensitive Toothpaste. It has a Dynamic Desensitizing System that helps prevent the pain caused by sensitive teeth as it protects the exposed dentin of the teeth. There is also a Gumtect Sensitive Mouthwash which is clinically proven to enhance relief from hypersensitivity. It is alcohol free and aids in preventing cavities without causing any burning sensation. Gumtect now sports a new look that appeals to the modern market without losing its therapeutic vibe. It is also worth mentioning that this is the first Filipino-made mouthwash

“As we age, we experience gum problems like singaw and pangingilo, and these hinder us from enjoying our day to day activities,” explains Chesca. “Now that we’re using Gumtect, we have more time to spend with our lovely kids.”

Lamoiyan aims to protect the radiant smiles of the happiest people in the world. This goal can be achieved with a Hapee Toothpaste Team line-up for every oral care need of the Filipino family. “We continue to be everyone’s go-to brand and strive to put our high quality oral care products in every Filipino home,” Pedro remarks.

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