I am one person who has to have my smartphone with me wherever I go. Why? Just in case if I have to wait for someone or something, e.g. like waiting for my number to be called. I need the phone to pass the time or else I will find waiting so boring. Having my phone with me means I can use the time to check out the messages or even play some games and before I knew it, my number has been called.

Having my phone with me and able to use it is good but what happens when the battery is getting low? To keep my phone alive, I have a portable power bank with me all the time. If you depends on your phone to keep you connected at all times, you will need to have a portable phone charger with you. A smartphone with a flat battery is a dead phone.

There are many different types of portable phone charger in the marketplace or electronic websites. Here are some tips when choosing a portable charger.

• Choose a portable charger that will shut off as soon as your phone is fully charged. Leaving your phone still plugged to it will weaken your battery’s health.

• Choose a charger that can fit your car’s lighter socket. It will come in very handy when you are on long trip and when you are using the phone’s navigator to find your way. Navigation apps drains battery fast.

• Choose one that has at least as much capacity as your smartphone so that you can fully recharge it from a fully drained state. Larger mobile charger will be able to charge more times without having to recharge regularly but larger mobile are heavier and costlier.

If choosing a good portable charger from the varieties of charger is overwhelming to you, you can check out some of the best portable charger displayed at TYLT.com. You won’t have to worry anymore of losing charge with any of these products.

Tips to prevent your phone battery draining off too quickly.

• Choose and download battery saving apps that are free. These apps will let you know what is draining your battery.

• Turn off whatever apps or features you are not using for the day to save battery life. These are usually the video games.

• Reducing the brightness level of the phone screen will also save battery life.

• To save battery, avoid live or animated wallpapers.

• Keep your phone in cool environment.

• Ringtones is better than vibrations in saving battery life. Only turn on vibration when necessary.

• Shortening the screen timeout will also save batter life. The longer you allow the screen to be lit, the more the battery will be used up.

By following all these tips, you can help prolong your battery life.

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