Have a Cup of Great Tasting Brews from Heva Coffee Co.

I’m not really a coffee drinker but I got drawn to it because my friends are mostly coffee lovers. But I didn’t just drink it I learned how to make it too. The Espresso 101 session I attended taught me how to make espresso using an espresso machine. I also began to have a better appreciation of coffee and was able to distinguish the difference among espresso, brewed, and 3-in-1 instant coffee. I may not be a coffee expert yet but I do enjoy discovering new brews like those from Heva Coffee Co. These are brews from passionate coffee lovers which are meant to give you premium taste in every sip.

I like having brewed or espresso for my morning cup but it takes some effort to make these brews. This can be a hassle when one is working on a tight schedule so I find myself settling with instant coffee most of the time. Another alternative is to order from coffee shops which can be quite expensive on a daily basis. The good thing with friends who are coffee lovers too is they share new coffee discoveries too. One of them suggested that I try the Heva Coffee Drip.

This is a new product from Heva Coffee Co., a local enterprise that brings you great coffee sourced from local farming communities. They also have unique packaging solutions for those who want to get into the coffee business too.

Heva Coffee Co. offers several coffee products made from the best coffee beans available. Aside from different variants of coffee beans and ground coffee, they also have a coffee drip. The Heva Coffee Drip is the first of its kind that I have seen in the local market. It’s like an instant brew of a premium blend coffee which I found to be interesting. The ground coffee is encased in a coffee filter bag with wings that you can anchor on the rim of your cup. All you have to do is pour some hot water on the ground coffee and you’ve got your brew. That’s fresh premium coffee in an instant! No mess, no fuss. Heva Coffee Drip is available in Arabica, Barako and Barako-Robusta Blend. I wanted to try them all so I got myself a pack of Limited Edition Heva Assorted Coffee Drip.

I tried the Barako-Robusta Blend first and liked it very much. The taste is very similar to that of freshly brewed coffee which definitely beats instant coffee by a stretch. I also found it to be quick and easy to prepare. More importantly I don’t have to clean up the coffee machine to enjoy a fresh brew. All I have to do is dispose the coffee bag and I’m done cleaning. My husband also tried the Barako coffee and according to him it had the strong authentic flavor of a Barako coffee.

Aside from a convenient replacement for your machine brewed coffee, the Heva Coffee Drip is perfect for your coffee on the go. You can bring it to the office or on camping trips so you don’t have to worry about missing out on a good brew. This makes it a good gift for coffee lovers this Christmas. A pack of the assorted drips and the Heva Coffee Drip Christmas Edition is sure to keep the season bright for fellow coffee enthusiasts. You can get your holiday brews from Heva Coffee Co. at www.hevacoffeeco.com/shop or visit their facebook page for a chat at get to know more about their products.

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