Taking care of a dog is a huge privilege. It is extremely likely that your fluffy friend brings an enormous amount of joy and laughter into your life. That is why you need to make sure that you repay the favor. If your animal is taking such good care of you, it is only fair that you do right by them. To be a fantastic care giver, you will need to read on. Below are five essential items that every dog owner needs to invest in.

A wide range of dog toys
To keep your dog active, you will need to purchase a wide range of exciting dog toys. Try to get creative with your choices, as this will give you the chance to discover what your furry friend enjoys playing with. You should also make sure to buy replacements every few months. This will prevent your home from being filled with dirty and tattered toys.

Different leashes
Every dog lover should own multiple leashes. Try to avoid retractable ones, as these can sometimes result in accidents. Instead, you will need to invest in a number of different lengths. A short leash will come in handy whenever you are walking your dog in a busy area. It will also help you to keep your pet safe when you are close to other animals. Then, you can use a long leash for any trips to the park or the beach. It will allow you to give your dog the freedom to roam, but will save you from worrying about your beloved pet running off.

Durable dog food bowls
When you are buying bowls for your dog food, make sure that you select a durable option. This will help you to get used to the amount of food that you are giving your animal. Changing up the bowls could result in you overfeeding or underfeeding your pet. You should also think about investing in a set of scales.

A dog crate
Make sure that your home has a reliable dog crate. This item will allow you to take your dog with you on your travels. Not only this, but a crate will comfort your animal whenever it is left alone. It will provide your dog with the sensation of sitting in a den and will prevent it from running amok. If you are going to make this purchase, you will need to invest in a quality product. Visit Pet Crates Direct for a wide range of options.

Grooming equipment
You will need to groom your dog on a regular basis, if you are determined to keep it happy and healthy. Regular grooming will also ensure that your home remains clean and pest free. All dog owners should purchase basic grooming equipment such as a brush, a thick towel, a shampoo and conditioner set, and a pair of nail clippers. If your dog really gets messy, you could also invest in an outside tap or a separate wash room.

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