The Three-Generation Vacation Challenge: Are Your Family Up For It?

It’s time for a family vacation. But this year, more family members are coming. Are you up for the challenge? While some balk at the notion of an intergenerational vacation, it has its advantages when it comes to child safety and group savings. You need, however, to use the correct approach from the start. Here’s how to bring three generations on one grand vacation with zero road bumps.

Set an Agenda

More people means a surplus of opinions. In order to avoid arguing and to make the best use of time, establish an agenda. For example, the grandparents will expect quality time with the children. You’ll also want some time with the little ones. Use Google Docs to create a spreadsheet aligning people with activities and specified times. Otherwise, the lack of planning could lead to disagreements, wasted time, etc.

Square Money Away

Money and family make for an awkward exchange at best or bad blood at worst. To avoid any confrontation, settle money affairs before you go, establishing a cost per person and who is paying for what. Also, consider whether you’ll need to spend more once on vacation for food, transportation, gifts, entertainment, etc.

Consider Limitations

Some kids are too young to do adult things and some adults are too old to keep pace with young kids for a long time. Therefore, balance your visions of excitement with the practical needs and limitations of the group. Grandpa may not be able to go on that two-hour hike despite the health of the rest of the party. Conversely, some cruises would be appropriate for the grandparents yet too adult-themed for younger children.

The More the Merrier

Your group may get so large that it starts making sense to invite even more family members. That way, no one will be alone and each person will have plenty of options. There are a few inconveniences involved, such as trying to eat at a restaurant without reservations. For most, the advantages of more people outweigh the negatives of an extra large group, especially if you can find group deals on transportation, activities, etc.

Schedule Alone Time

While it’s great to gather with the family, some personalities prefer or even require a bit of alone time to recharge. Therefore, it’s best to rotate responsibilities related to the kids so all the adults have time to be alone as couples or individuals. Otherwise, it can start feeling crowded when traveling with a larger group. Keep this in mind when booking rooms at the Downtown Washington DC Renaissance Marriott.

Who Is Watching Back Home?

Usually, a trusted family member can watch over your home while you’re away, but they can’t do that when on vacation too. Furthermore, be careful as to when and how you upload pictures and sentiments related to your trip. You wouldn’t want the wrong people to know that your home is presently unattended. It’s an unpleasant thought but a reality that thieves use social media.

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