How sulit is your baby’s diaper?

Your Handy Checklist to SAVE on diapers while still giving your child the best

While there are many things that moms can scrimp on, their baby’s well-being isn’t one of them.

Since babies will constantly be in diapers for their first years of their life, moms will be spending a lot of money on them. It’s important to choose the right diaper that is not only best for baby, but offers moms exceptional value.

Not all diapers are made equal. Even when all of them promise the same key feature of effective absorbency, very few actually live up to it or are able to offer more. Needless to say, picking one out from the sea of brands available can be more challenging than you can ever imagine. So how do you choose the best one and make sure that you’re actually getting your money’s worth?

Check out our checklist on finding the most sulit disposable diaper for your little one:

  • Does it offer exceptional absorbency?

A diaper’s absorption level measures how much liquid it can hold and how well it will be able to wick the liquid away from your baby’s skin. Diapers that assure good absorption should be able to quickly absorb and lock in the wetness throughout the diaper’s core. This will help prevent your baby’s skin from being exposed to persistent moisture, which typically leads to rashes.

To check which diapers holds up to its promise of exceptional absorbency, you can do a torture test and pour the same amount of liquid in two different diapers. The diaper which is drier to the touch offer better absorption.

  • Is it ideal for your baby’s size?

Diaper sizing conventions are based on babies’ weight. However, like most clothes, sizing from brand to brand can vary, and so does baby’s fit on these diapers.

Ultimately, finding the right fit involves a lot of trial and error and adjusting. Given this, it’s important to have key features such as stretchy tapes that help adjust to your baby’s shape and movement for superior fit and comfort. For babies 6 months and older, since they are more active, you can look for diapers in pants form that offer features such as elastic waistbands that help adjust to baby’s weight and movement. As a bonus, pants with easy-on and easy-tear off benefits will help make changing a breeze, so babies get uninterrupted playtime.

  • Is it made of quality materials?

At such a young age, your baby’s skin is very sensitive. It’s important therefore to look for diapers that come in ultra soft and gentle materials that will not irritate your baby’s skin. It may be good to avoid materials that have a plastic feel. Remember that your newborn will essentially be wearing this round-the-clock—so comfort and safety are two elements that you really have to consider.

  • Does it offer more savings in the long run?

Moms may often try to strike a balance between the cost of an item and its perceived quality, choosing to sacrifice some quality if it means it will lead to more savings. But choosing the best diaper for your child doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. In fact, the opposite may be true. High quality diapers may end up saving moms more in the long run.

When computing for how much a diaper really costs, don’t just check the price of one pad of diaper. Higher quality diapers may be more expensive, but they offer exceptional absorbency, which means moms need to change less often and use fewer diapers in a day. This means moms actually save more because they purchase less diapers! It is much more accurate to compute cost of diapers monthly because it reflects how much diapers you actually use, and how much you save from having less frequent changes.

Not only does a higher quality diaper allow you to use less pads, it also offers more protection against irritation and rashes. A lower quality diaper may make the child feel unwell and uncomfortable, making parents end up taking extra, usually expensive measures to nurse him or her back to health.

Parents are often faced with the challenging choice of which product will provide the best value without compromising quality and comfort. Pampers ensures superior quality with 12-hours of overnight dryness to help give baby a good night sleep and protection from diaper rash. In fact, Pamper Baby Dry can last longer than 2 ordinary diapers overnight, which means you’re not only ensuring your baby’s comfort, you’re also ultimately, saving more money in the long run.

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