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I’ve always been a plus size even as a little girl. Unfortunately, Barbie’s figure was synonymous to sexy in our society while I was growing up. Being chubby or skinny became a flaw for most girls so back then choosing my OOTD has been a struggle. I wanted to wear trendy clothes and learn some fashion care tips for my outfits to look good. But that didn’t matter because I still get taunted about being chubby regardless if I wear fitting or loose clothes. I just laugh whenever they tease me, calling me Suman” or Lechon”, not realizing that it was hurting my self confidence.

Those who know me might’ve noticed that loose shirts, pants, and comfortable clothes were my standard outfits. This was the “Barbie effect” on my self-confidence.

It’s a good thing that our society now recognizes that “sexy” comes in different shapes and sizes, including plus size. I learned that “Your body is not wrong. Society is”. I began to embrace my plus sized body and started to wear dresses and body fit clothes that I used to shun. Luckily there are plenty of plus sized clothes available in fashion outlets today. Here is one of my best powerdressing looks that I discovered as I began to explore my fashionable side.

This photo was taken during an event wherein we were asked to strut on stage in our outfits. I’m really a very shy person and I never imagined myself doing anything like that. With the help of my friends and the right outfit, I overcame my fears and strutted out on stage like a fashion model.

It was then that I learned that wearing the RIGHT CLOTHES for YOU can BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE. That experience proved to me that the way we dress affects our mood. Yes, clothes can really boost your confidence! Here are some ideas on how to stay confident through your fashion picks.

  1. Choose Clothes That Flatter Your Body Shape.
    People come in different shape and sizes. Know your body shape and choose clothes that complement it. Clothes that fit you well can camouflage problem areas and accentuate the good ones. Just remember that you can look good and feel sexy no matter what size you are.
  2. The Right Colors Can Make Your Beauty Shine.
    Red and black are power colors for dressing up. They can make you look really stunning in your outfit. But there are more colors that you can explore for your daily outfits. Simply choose colors that match your skin tone and let your beauty shine in your OOTD.
  3. Look before you Wear.
    It can be tempting to buy trendy clothes on display but the question is, “Will it look good on you?” Always check the fit and ask yourself if you feel good about wearing it before going to the check out counter.  If you look good and feel good in it then go for it!

Getting dressed everyday used to be a struggle for me but now I look forward to it. Remember that our clothes are tools that we can use to project a positive image for ourselves and make us feel great. And when something makes you feel good about yourself then you need to take extra care of it. Here are some FashionCare tips to make your stylish clothes last longer.

  • Fold clothes like an expert
    Pay attention on how you fold clothes to minimize creases and preserve their shape. It is always best to fold them along the seams to achieve a perfect fold.
  • Always clean before you store
    Bugs, dirt, and strong scents that may be left on your clothes before storing can damage your fashion treasures. Make sure that your clothes are clean and free of any “tenants” before putting it in storage.
  • Store clothes using the right tools
    Bags and boxes may be fine for storing your regular tees but some clothes may require special tools. Clothes with delicate fabric should be carefully stored with protective wrappings. You would also need a suit hanger and a breathable canvas bag for your suits.
  • Hangers can damage clothes too
    Avoid cheap plastic or wire hangers that may cause stretching in the shoulder area of your tops. Invest in hangers that provide the right support for all types of clothes. Also remember that hanging knit fabrics can stretch them out over time.
  • Inspect for stains and snags
    Stains and snags are common clothing accidents and it is best to treat them immediately. Putting stained clothes or fabrics with snags in the washer can damage it more. Remember to inspect and treat damages before putting clothes in the machine.
  • Organize your laundry before washing
    Separating the white fabrics from colored ones is the first step in organizing your laundry. But it shouldn’t stop there, also check and follow washing instructions in your clothing tags. This will help you keep your clothes looking fresh and bright for a longer period of time.
  • Never wash brand new bold colored clothes with lightly colored clothes
    The deep bold colors on on clothing is more likely to bleed onto lighter ones, more so when they are brand new. Washing in cold water can help but it isn’t a perfect solution.
  • Check your pockets for rogue occupants
    Coins are the top culprits when you hear weird clanking sound in the washing machine. This may not be a major cause for alarm but it can prevent you from getting an efficient wash. Always check pockets for coins, keys, tissues and other items that may be damaged and cause damage during the wash.
  • Avoid improper use of detergent
    Using more detergent will not necessarily result to cleaner clothes. Too much detergent can even damage your clothes in the long run. It can and also damage the machine as excess soap can encourage mildew growth. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guide for detergent use. You will save money and protect both clothes and machine from unnecessary damage.
  • Rotate clothes in your closet
    Rotating clothes in the closet allows you to balance the use of your clothes and lessen the wear and tear. Freshly laundered clothes go to the back of the closet and the rest are moved to the front. People are likely to grab items in front more than those at the back. This way your clothes have time to “rest” before you wear them again.
  • Electrolux Washing Machines as your FashionCare Partner
    Good quality and reliable washing machines are important in taking care of your clothes. As such, Electrolux washing machines can be your best Fashion Care partner. It can help you be more confident in your clothes and favorite fashion pieces by giving it the proper care.

Easy and fuss-free, this is how you can describe fashion care with Electrolux washers and dryers. They are not just Energy-Efficient and Fast-Cleaning these machines also come with smart features to provide expert care for delicate fabrics. It has everything you need to get clean, soft, and vibrant looking clothes that last longer. In short, they enable you to do efficient laundry at your own convenience.

Doing laundry doesn’t feel like a chore anymore because everything is a breeze.

These washers have everything it takes to give you clean and soft clothes that look vibrant and new longer. Electrolux appliances provide expert care for every kind of fabric to make laundry a pleasure and not a chore.

The UltraMix™ System is another noteworthy feature of the Electrolux premium washers. This patented pre-mixing technology dissolves the detergent before it reaches your clothes and cleans even the most delicate garments.  It delivers exceptional deep cleaning in cold water and keeps your clothes looking vibrant with 32% less colour fading.

With Electrolux Vapour Refresh program, you will get wrinkle-free clothes with less ironing hassle. It refreshes your clothes, leaving them smelling fresh and looking like new.  I also think that moms will appreciate that Electrolux washers reduce up to 99.9% of allergens with its Vapour Care feature. Electrolux Load Sensor™ automatically senses load weight, determines optimal washing time, water and detergent.  On top of that, you are ensured of high energy efficiency and quieter wash cycle from an Ecoinverter Technology.

Electrolux washers are certified by the Woolmark Apparel Care for the gentlest care of hand-wash only woollens. Their machines are even gentler than traditional hand-washing.

The Woolmark Company is the world’s leading, independent authority on wool care. Its apparel care label guarantees that appliances are safe for hand wash-only woollens. The Woolmark Apparel Care label on an Electrolux washer means that you are able to hand-wash those woolens using even less energy than normal. This not only saves you money but it’s more environment friendly. That’s efficient fashion care from a brand that you can be confident with.

Remember, to always love what you wear whether it’s pants, shirt or dress! By wearing your favorite clothes that make you feel good about yourself will give you that boost of confidence, making you feel like YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING!  So, wear what you love, enjoy your life, and don’t forget my FASHIONCARE tips to make your clothes last longer.


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    1. Getting there Mommy Ruby! Malaki din damage kasi ng mga pangaasar sakin. Pero atleast I made some improvements na. Dati di mo ako mapapalabas ng nakadress unless may kasal

  1. Back then, my problem/struggle naman was the opposite. Tingting at payatot naman ang tawag nila sa akin. Sheket huh! Tapos sabi pa sa classroom namin noon kahit hindi umurong ang seatmates ko kakasya daw ako.

    Just like you it affected my self-confidence, too, kaya I was stuck at wearing what I thought would look good on me.

    Pero sabi nga nasa nagdadala yan at sa klase ng damit na sinusuot, syempre pati na din sa way ng paglalaba. Haha I can still remember kapag payat ka tapos namali ng laba ang shirts mo sa bandang leeg, jusme magmistula kang hanger talaga hahaha!

    1. Hanger talaga? Kapag naman mali din laba mo, madalas luluwag ung damit, kaya nagiging bedsheet damit ko Hahaha! Tinatawanan natin noh per seriously nakakababa din ng confidence ung mga maliit n biro or pang aasar

  2. Ang cool ng mga tips mo! Super amazing, ngayon ko lang nalaman ung iba dito. Like rotate my clothes, tapos ung dapat meron dapat kalagyan sila, tsaka pati sa hangers. Kaya pala nasisira ung ibang damit ko.

    Mother ko ngsasabi sakin kung bagay o hindi damit ko, buti nalng ksama ko sya palagi pg bumibili ako ng damit. Haha

    1. Naku dami ko ding ndiscover n tips. Guilty din ako sa hindi pag rotate ng damit. Kaya kung ano lang nsa ibabaw, ayun lang isusuot ko. In short paulit ulit tlaga

  3. Wow! True enough, however the society looks at us, we should just shrug it off and embrace how we are. I was too thin naman during my younger years, mahirap din manamit and someone even said na baka daw liparin ako ng malakas na hangin sa nipis ko. Haha! It is quite hard to go through that phase but with family and true friends, everything will be alright. I so love the tips, and the washing machine, by the way.

    1. Hi sis, true. Mahilig mangasar mga tao sa paligid minsan di na nila narerealize na may effect din un sa taong tinutukso nila. Naku, who you na sila ngayon sayo 🙂

  4. Thanks for the fashioncare tips! I do agree, only we can carry ourselves, and embrace ourselves for who we are to truly shine. 🙂 Every day is a chance to make progress, and kudos to you for taking those steps forward!

  5. Body confidence doesn’t come from trying to achieve the perfect body. It comes from embracing the one you’ve already got! Love your body and be proud ❤ Bagay na bagay ang dress!!!😍 Araw arawin na yan 😉

  6. I LOVE these tips! Some days I also struggle to get dressed also. This dress looks great on you, super cute!

  7. I love all of these super helpful tips for taking proper care of your clothing. I love my washer and dryer, but these large-capacity machines will need to be replaced early next year. I will definitely be keeping your product recommendations in mind.

  8. For me, physical beauty is not important. We cannot please everybody. We need to learn to love ourselves to have self confidence. Kahit anong isuot mo basta marunong kang magdala keri na 🙂

    I like that Electrolux washing machine… gosh!

  9. I just love this! We should always love our bodies. I always tell my daughter that she’s beautiful and I hope she always believes it.

  10. I love that dress on you! I think proper fit and style for individual body types. I’m a size 4, curvy girl, with a big butt and can’t where a lot of styles. I REALLY enjoyed your clothing care tips. Some of those I didn’t even think about.

  11. Ang galing nung FashionCare tips! Hindi ko alam yung iba dyan! Madalas pa naman ako, paulit ulit ang damit. Dapat pla irotate.

  12. I didn’t know until I read your post that Electrolux even made washers but now I want one mostly for the Vapour Care due to my allergies. Speaking of allergies I love your tip about checking pockets. I always wash tissues because I have one or more stuffed in my pocket for my drippy allergy nose.

  13. i think we all struggle with our size at some point of our lives, especially as women. Its learning to love yourself through your size of weight gain or loss, you still have to love yourself and keep your confidence up.

  14. This is so true, I’ve always wondered why I could get a similar outfit as someone that I admired but it doesn’t look anything like that on me, we’re all made so differently, it’s so nice that there is such a variety of fashion out there today, love the green dress!

  15. Feeling confident in your skin and clotheseothare extremely imporant. When you find things you love that helps it makes it even better.

  16. Thanks for sharing your story and your fashion tips. I gained a lot of weight when I started working a corporate job, because of the sedentary work and laid back lifestyle. But I got back on track, chose healthy food, did some exercise. Although I am still on the chubby side, I feel more confident especially if I wear clothes that flatter my figure and hide my flaws. I guess accepting who you are helped a lot. Remember, Beauty has no size. 🙂

  17. Your wrap-around dress accentuate your bust area which is your asset. And that wedge sandals gave you that perfect strut.

  18. We are all different shapes and sizes (otherwise the world would be boring!). We each have to figure out what looks best on our body types to feel our best! Or wear what you want anyway if it makes you happy!

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