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Cornhole is a popular backyard event in America’s many households, but few people understand that cornhole has grown beyond just the backyard. There actually exists an American Cornhole Association that exists to enhance the game and the many teams that play for very real stakes across the United States. While some people view the game as a pastime and will only play it at events, the games themselves can get very competitive. For those players who want to take their game further, regulation cornhole boards are a must.

The regulation platform should be 48″ x 24″ rectangle that is made from 1/2-inch plywood. That’s the recommendation from the American Cornhole Association and if you want your games to be more competitive and authentic, it pays to find boards of this size. You can have them made entirely from scratch and add your logos or pictures and text to them to make your games feel more authentic.

Millions of people play cornhole throughout the year, at family barbecues, church gatherings, in work leagues, and in school leagues. There’s everything from a spontaneous game of cornhole to league play and everything in-between. Players often feel more in tune with the game when they’re able to play on regulation size boards with their own special team images on them. That’s why custom boards are experiencing a surge. People want to take this little pastime and make it just a little more official.

When you create a custom board, you can specify the size, board material, add logos, add numbers or names, and pretty much any color you want it to be. Some folks like their boards painted to announce their team is serious or they simply want to spice things up a little with graphics. The custom board has a lot of advantages over the regular board.

While there will always be those who confine this game to the backyard, The American Cornhole Association works annually to increase awareness of this game and encourage its greatness with leagues and official merchandise. Not everyone is going to play it and not everyone is going to know what it is. And maybe that’s what makes cornhole just a little more special than other games. It’s one of the best kept secrets in the entire gaming world. Anyone who hasn’t tossed that first beanbag out isn’t going to understand the fun of the game quite like regular players.

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