Most moms patiently look forward to “mom’s night out.” There is no reason to wait to have a night to yourself though. “Mom’s night in” is a great way for moms to enjoy some alone time even if they cannot get out of the house. With a little planning, you can even enjoy a night mostly to yourself or find a sitter to have some fun. You can invite a couple of friends or enjoy the sound of yourself thinking by yourself. Regardless, the items below are a few essentials that will help you make your night in amazing.

A Babysitter or Entertainment
Let’s face it, when you want a mom’s night, in or out, you probably want some much-needed “me time.” Prepare for your night by gathering some entertaining activities for the kids or hire a babysitter. Either way, talk to your kids, let them know how important this time is to you.

It often helps to set some ground rules if they stay home. Give them an incentive to work toward. Tell them you will check in on them. If you can, give them a phone so they can call you if there is an “emergency.”

Amazing Food and a Fancy Drink

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Grab your favorite drink and treat yourself to takeout from your favorite restaurant. This is a great opportunity to safely enjoy a few drinks in with friends. Challenge them to bring a special meal and drink, too. Then, try each other’s favorites.

Watch a Scary Movie or Read a Book
As a mom, it is difficult to dive into the latest best – seller without being interrupted. Many moms are lucky to read the first page before the kids are asking for things. Additionally, watching your favorite movies is challenging with small children who are easily scared. The frustration causes moms to avoid reading or renting a movie they really want to see.

Your special night is the perfect time to indulge in a marathon of scary crime movies. Stop by the bookstore and Red Box. Take the opportunity to enjoy things that need your undivided attention.

The Things You Hide from Your Kids to Eat
Most moms are guilty of occasionally hiding to scarf down a sweet treat before the kids see. Them seeing you is not a problem. Except, you will have to fight them off the delicacy or listen to dreaded whining. Plus, your favorite treat is not the same after your toddler smears mashed banana on it.

A night in is the perfect time to eat the things you hide from your kids to eat. Your friends will appreciate the rare opportunity, too. Grab junk food, candy, ice cream, brownies, or anything else your heart desires. The kids get the leftovers this time.

Beauty Treatments and Crafts
Take care of yourself and get creative. Play your favorite music, throw a face mask on, and paint your toenails. Write in a journal, try a DIY project, or create a budget. Do the things you want to do, but can’t when the kids are around.

Make your mom’s night in a time to indulge. There are some fun and inexpensive ways to pamper yourself, so you do not have to worry about blowing your budget on a night in. And, if you take the opportunity to do things you are not normally able to do at home, it will be a success.

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