Today we will not talk about alcohol, drugs, prostitutes and E. L. James novels, which kill you more than anything else. Why would I go over things you have already been told at school? Self-destructive behavior can be different, and it makes no good for you.
What does self-destructive mean? Aside from being scientific and serious, this stuff means that you literally ruin yourself deck by deck and usually don’t even notice it. What are the things that destroy us? Let’s find out!

1. The tyranny of urgent business. Emergency business is a dangerous phrase that forces the mind to artificially create an atmosphere of threat from the outside, when it comes to absolutely simple, domestic affairs. You think that everything must be done right now to please others. In fact, all the tasks that fall on you from the outside, are the same load that takes time from self-realization. You can change this only in one way – to undo your daily duties and responsibilities, which relate to your professional and personal growth. Make an accent on the latter, because the domestic problems are easier, they are not worth your nerves.

2. The tyranny of duty. This one is even stronger. Dependence on religion, culture, media and values ​​that were vaccinated to you in childhood make your self-destructive personality visible. You constantly feel that you have to live up to someone’s expectations. And this is sad, because violently given desires seriously differ from real ones.

3. The tyranny of internal borders. How to overcome inner borders? To begin with, just admit that you have them. Then start to go quite a bit beyond their limits – take risks, but not to the point of absurdity. Take a test and try your life in order to overcome self destructive behavior.

4. The tyranny of ‘what if’? If you are constantly worried, then you are simply not sure about yourself. If you are not confident, then you begin to lose even before you start the game. It’s quite easy to overcome this struggle – just start from ten minutes during every morning and evening. Think about things that concern you the most and try to come up with the ideas of their surpassing. Leave the rest of the time for self-confidence.

5. The tyranny of perfectionism. Do you think that you always do everything right, exactly right as it should be done? Not at all like others do? Maybe you know your business well and your attention to detail is justified, but it seems to me that you are just a perfectionist.

And the perfectionists do not live, because they annoy everyone with being stubborn and lacking flexibility. You see, a full-fledged person is someone who understands that he is imperfect. Ideal people do not exist, as there is no perfectly clean room or a perfectly done job.

6. The tyranny of comparison. We often compare our achievements with those who have achieved more. A smart guy will try to reach his idol and find opportunities to do something, a stupid guy will find reasons not to do something. Here is where self-destruction comes. Even worse, when successful acquaintances become sworn enemies only because they are successful. Envy is a terrible thing and you should get rid of it as soon as you find it in yourself.

7. The tyranny of justice. It’s a dangerous type of self-destruction. This horror begins with the ridiculous idea that the world must be honest and fair. If this thought is strengthened in your head, then very soon you will begin to suppress your own efforts to achieve this very justice. This makes us act dishonestly and inconsistently in our subconscious attempts to achieve world harmony. And such things simply do not exist.

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