Hair is said to be everyone’s crowning glory, thus, it is very important that one must wear the perfect hairstyle that suits the shape of our face. Well, basically there are six categories or shapes of face. These are the, oval shape-face, round, square, oblong, heart and diamond-shape face.

The recommended hairstyle/s for each category are listed below:

1. Oval-faced ladies is said to be the most forgiving shape of the face when it comes to wearing the perfect hairstyle as they can go extreme from long locks or cute short cuts.

2. Rounded face are recommended to stay away from a bob cut or one length, instead layers are advised as it gives more definition and more structure. Layers with colors are also perfect!

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3. Square-faced ladies must stay away from cuts that end at the jawline so to soften a square shape. One can try a curtain-like fringe that is shorter in the middle then gets longer toward the corners. Consider also adding a short layer around each eye and if your hair is just above the shoulders, one can try to add lots of movement with texture.

4. Oblong-shaped faces may need cuts that will add volume and interest at the jawline.

5. Heart-shaped ones can wear a long, side-swept fringe that shows off the forehead and keep the length above the shoulders.

6. Diamond-shaped face can be matched with a bob or a straight-across cut

And if you still want to enhance that perfect hairstyle, you can try accentuating it with Lace Closure to top it off and prepared to be “wowed”!

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