How to Create a Stylish Attic Conversion

An attic can be so much more than a space to store your Christmas decorations and keepsakes. It’s possible to transform the space into an extra bedroom, home office or entertainment area, which can provide a property with more space and value. We are therefore offering helpful tips on how to create a stylish attic conversion.

Incorporate Transparent Materials
Do you want to create an airy, spacious and inviting attic? You should therefore consider incorporating transparent materials into the interior design, such as glass. It can add some much-needed light into a room while emphasizing space.

Highlight Your Stairs
The staircase that leads to an attic space will take up a large amount of floor space, which is why you should strive to make them a focal point that stands out for all the right reasons. Highlight the stairs by adding a spiral staircase into your property’s design, which will not only look great but it will save a considerable amount of space. You could even add a stylish bookcase underneath a set of diagonal stairs to create an extra storage area.

Strategically Position Your Windows
A attic will allow you to look at your neighborhood from a different angle, which is why you should strategically position your windows to enjoy the best possible view. Speak to a dependable local builder about the different options to create a panoramic view.

Maximize Your Attic’s Original Feature
Do you live in a property filled with character? We recommend maximizing the attic’s original features by baring brickwork or highlighting timber beams, which will each complement a modern or traditional interior design.

Utilize Your Space
Improve the sense of space by utilizing every inch of your attic. For instance, you could position a freestanding bath in areas with low head heights, or you could use small or tight corners for extra storage. Don’t look at sloped ceilings as a limitation, but look for ways to use a small space, which can accentuate the design.

Consider Your Home’s Exterior
You must look beyond your attic’s interior design to create a beautiful home. It’s also essential to consider your home’s exterior to ensure the new attic conversion complements the existing property – or it will easily become an eyesore that will detract from your home’s design and will become talk of the neighborhood.

For example, if you’re lucky enough to live in a Victorian property, incorporate zinc and aluminum cladding with traditional brickwork, so it will seamlessly blend into the existing design.

Establish the Function
The attic’s interior design should be determined by its function. While many people often undertake an attic conversion to create an extra bedroom, there are alternative uses for the space. For example, you could use the extension for office space, a family room or a dining area.

Are you set to embark on an attic extension? Have you transformed your home with an extension? Please feel free to share your stories and tips by leaving a comment below.

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