5 Common Skincare Ingredients You Want to Avoid

It’s normal to have an assortment of different skincare products to address the different needs of your skin. However, not all skincare products are as caring as you think they are. Some products contain ingredients that not only do nothing to help your skin but can also cause certain health risks. If you find any of these ingredients in your skin products, you better switch to a different brand ASAP.

1. Phenoxyethanol
Back then, a lot of cosmetic products have parabens, which are chemicals designed to preserve the product. When people became more aware of the problem with parabens, a new alternative known as phenoxyethanol became more popular. However, research also indicates that phenoxyethanol isn’t as safe of an alternative as others think, with the substance being linked to skin irritations, infertility, and even damage to the nervous system.

2. SD Alcohol, Denatured Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol
Alcohol is another familiar ingredient if you’re looking for acne-control products. This ingredient can be found in skin toners and creams, often to give the product a quick-drying finish and to help degrease the skin. However, using skincare products primarily based on alcohol can be a bad idea. While the substance does kill acne-causing bacteria, its drawback is that it can make your skin dry. This can irritate your skin further, and the dry environment can cause the dead skin cells to build up and clog your pores, making your acne worse. To be clear, not all alcohol is bad for the skin. Small amounts of fatty alcohols, like cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohol, can give the skin a pleasing texture without causing excessive dryness.

3. Fragrances
There’s no need to smell like a basket of tropical fruits just to let people know that you have healthy skin. Lotions and creams with artificial fragrances may be pleasant to the nose, but they can also be a major cause of skin irritations triggered by allergies. Watch out for fragrances in skincare products applied to the face as this can cause anything from swelling to rashes and breakouts. In short, avoid any product with the words “perfume”, ‘scent” or “fragrance”.

4. Synthetic Colors
Check your skin products for the initials “FD&C” and “D&C” followed by a color and a number. If you find these in the list of ingredients in any of your skincare products, you might want to switch out as soon as possible. FD&C refer to food, drug, and cosmetics, while D&C refer to external drugs and cosmetics. These initials mean that the colors used in the cosmetic product are subject to batch certification and that they are tightly regulated by the FDA. Synthetic colors have been linked to a variety of health problems in the past, from skin irritations down to skin cancer.

5. Triclosan
Triclosan is a well-known bacteria-killer that is commonly found in antibacterial soaps and facial cleansers. Sounds good, right? However, frequent use of products with this ingredient can actually cause more trouble in the long run. This is because the substance might harm the immune system and contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In addition, triclosan has been linked to hormone alterations in animals, and it has been found that people can easily absorb the substance if it is applied to the skin. If you’re worried about triclosan, you can easily replace your cleansers and soaps with other brands that don’t carry this ingredient.

Skincare products are like food for the skin, which means you want only the healthy stuff. By paying closer attention to each product’s active ingredients before using them, you can minimize your skin’s exposure to dangerous ingredients and your skin will stay smooth and healthy as ever.

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